Streamlight Bandit Review

I envision this light will be popular for both LE and service. I cannot think of a better device to change a tire, work a DUI detail, firearms care, or training. I got a possibility to test the Streamlight Bandit, an ultra-compact, low profile, USB headlamp. Even among light-weight headlamps, it is the smallest and the brightest I know. At 1.3 oz, and 2.7 inches long, it’s so light and tiny; I forget I’m wearing it. I’ve a story for you. The Streamlight Bandit utilizes COB Light-emitting diode technology, that is a Strip of light emission, instead of a LED bulb.

As opposed to throwing a ray, it delivers an area illumination that a good working beam without harsh shadows. There are three output styles, high, low, and flash. The high beam is 180 lumens two-hour blast. When worn like a headlight, it’s bright enough to utilize as a working lighting. While I would not use it for tasks, it is suitable for a search and Rescue Mission. To place this in viewpoint, 35-lumen beam is a much better option to don when doing your comprehensive vehicle search. 180 lumens will reflect back in the user too much. The short phase will give the user 9.5 hours of gentle working mild.

There’s a flash style, which flashes at the full 180 lumens. In case the officer wishes to be seen while directing visitors, this is the product. Since it comes along with a hat clip attachment, it’s a sure method to get a driver’s attention. This mild charges entirely with the cord that is short that is provided. I analyzed the run time and charge time and discovered it worked precisely as it was specified. The change on the top lights up red when the product is charging and green when it’s a good idea to go. The Bandit has a polycarbonate body and a lens, a push button on the top, along with a Universal Serial Bus charging port on the bottom.

The charging interface has a tethered rubber plug. The Light-emitting diode is powered by a light-weight 450 mAh lithium polymer sealed battery. Streamlight warrants this battery for two years. I used the elastic cord to wear it on my head. He remains in place without being bothersome. A thing is so tiny; one forgets it’s there. It’s easy to cycle throughout the various output styles, even with gloved hands. It comes along with a coat clip attachment, but I favor the headband. The Bandit throws light that makes it an excellent light for jogging. Most other products bounce around. This one has a great working place, and I will see the road in front of me when operating with the low beam. It is an excellent light for seeing and being seen.

I envision this light will probably be popular for both LE and army support. I cannot think of a better apparatus for changing a bicycle, working a DUI detail, firearms maintenance, or training. It is ideal for runners and cyclists that get trapped on the trail after dark. As it’s so small, I find myself taking mine in my sac all the time. This past month, I put my Streamlight Bandit on to prepare for an extended run. The even meant shuttling into the beginning around 330 AM in the center of the woods. The vent had a gear drop off after the first three miles.

I guessed I could bag my clothes And light once I got going. I needed the light. Regrettably, I became reasonably popular in the start since individuals had one. Following the beginning, I pulled my Bandit down around my neck, and after that forgot about it. There are photos of me wearing my Bandit, at mile markers. The Bandit is sweat resistant.