streamlight keymate reviews

Pleasant surprise with the streamlight keymate

This was a pleasant surprise. the Streamlight keymate built strong, has a great clip, and puts out serious light. No more fumbling at night in the dark, trying to find my mailbox key or the mailbox lock. Buy one, and you will NOT be disappointed. Charges quickly and holds the charge well.

Perfect for clipping on your key chain or in your …

The Streamlight keymate is crazy bright for a tiny light. Perfect for clipping on your key chain or in your EDC bag in case of emergencies. You’ll never know how much you’ll use a light until you have on with you all of the time. I bought 14 of these as stocking stuffers.

I handed out 3 streamlight keymates and kept one for …

I handed out 3 streamlight keymates and kept one for myself. It’s a handy and very bright light. I even figured out the three different modes – I thought it was just a push and hold “on” function, but it also has low, high, and flashing. You press and release the square button – click through the modes.

Great value, excellent construction

I don’t buy gimmicky products, but I saw the streamlight keymate and thought it had value for me since I’m always fumbling in the dark trying to unlock my door. I wish the beam were a little more focused but other than that it works perfect. I’ve only had it for a day, so we will see how it holds up over the long term. I love the different modes and that it’s rechargeable.

The streamlight keymate is a a must-have

I bought this after seeing the streamlight keymate advertised and thought you give it a go. Price is well worth it considering its EASILY rechargeable. I believe this a must-have item for anyone who takes personal safety seriously. Bought two for home and work keys. It also makes a great stocking stuffer gift.

Convenient and bright keychain flashlight

Beautiful lights, however, one of the two I ordered broke within six months of use. Disappointment that it didn’t hold up better. Something that is meant to go on a key ring should be able to stand up to daily wear and tear. Otherwise great little light, beautiful and bright, and convenient to use!

Good light in the shape of a key.

Easy to use keychain flashlight, gives a beautiful diffuse light from the side opposite the switch button. A bit thick for keyring use and does not fit all keyrings easily, but when it does provide, it is a perfect tool. The streamlight keychain light easily charged from a USB plug, and colored LED lights in the switch indicate charging and finished charge.

Great idea, but the drop can crack the screen

This streamlight keychain flashlight great to have. It’s bright and light. I used it a lot, and the battery lasts long. You can adjust the bright too. The downside of this is of you drop it at a certain height; the clear plastic led front will crack. Oh, At first I ordered it can broken screen and amazon replaced with another one.

Great EDC item

The streamlight keymate is a great addition to your keychain. Very useful. Unnoticeable with the other keys that you carry. Bright enough to do small tasks, like looking for dropped items in the car, opening mailboxes at night. Charge lasts a long time. I’ve had it since Xmas and have only charged it once. Bought a few for Xmas as stocking stuffers.