Streamlight Stinger Switchblade Review

Among the cornerstone components of a strong every day carry kit is a good pocket flashlight. But, certain circumstances arise that may demand a whole lot more area light and hands-free operation, like broken down car or a substantial power outage. For these situations, a solid alternative is a Streamlight Stinger Switchblade LED light. Designed as a multi-function work light, the Stinger Switchblade is constructed with a double-sided light bar machined from aluminum that provides many different illumination choices, giving users added versatility in a crisis.

With an easy push of the button, one side of the bar progressively warms up to some maximum output of 800 lumens via white LEDs, projecting a bright, wide-reaching light for immediate area illumination. A second illumination option throughout the Streamlight Stinger Switchblade light can be located on the opposite side of the light bar, that is packed with the organization’s 90 CRI LEDs and integrate Streamlight‘s distinctive Color Rite Technology. With the 600-lumen output signal from this light bar, users can better pick out nuances in the color spectrum which may otherwise be washed with a bright light from the organization’s white LEDs.

Eventually, for large-scale detailed work on automobiles or other mechanical apparatus, the device has an exceptional 500mW UV Light-emitting diode that allows users to rapidly highlight fluid flows or another residue which may otherwise not be observable from a typical white LED flashlight. Also, the light has some choices for hands-free illumination. The light can be propped up on any flat surface, and the bar features seven distinct positioning points divided by friction detents. For additional mounting options, the foundation is magnetized and may be secured to any ferrous metal surface. The light may also be hung, due to some integrated hook which retracts from the base.

Additionally to its possible use as a working light, Stinger Switchblade may also be utilized as a healthy and handheld place light, as a result of its textured housing. The lighting is designed to be used in rugged conditions, thanks to its durable polymer body construction and a scratch-resistant lens made out of polycarbonate. The light runs off an integrated lithium-ion battery charged via a Universal Serial Bus input located opposite of the push button switch on the light body. Charging can also be possible via two metal nodes comprised on the integrated Stinger Smart charging clamp, which may be mounted into a wall or other flat surface.

Once fully charged, that requires about 5 hours with standard input of 12V or 8 hours with a Universal Serial Bus connection, the light supplies 3.75 hours of continuous runtime with either bank of LEDs or even 15 hours of operation with a single UV LED. Along with its generous battery life’s its compact, foldable design, which divides in a package measuring less than 10 inches in length. The light can also be IPX-4 rated for water resistance and is drop tested from 2 meters, making it a lasting addition to any emergency kit in which hands-free illumination is paramount. One downside we noted is the light doesn’t have a programmable mechanism which allows both banks of LEDs to operate simultaneously. This could be a nice feature for an actual illumination instrument, as an emergency lamp, but a single side bank of lights does provide enough illumination for place tasks in darkness with ease finishing tasks in the dark with ease. With an included Stinger charging base, wall outlet charger and Light-emitting diode light, combined with an included Stinger charging station, charger for a wall outlet and Universal Serial Bus charging cord, is $170.