Streamlight tlr-3 Reviews

So I ordered the viridian ctl before this the Streamlight tlr-3 and had time to play around with both of them. They’re both polymer, but I prefer all-aluminum because it’s not too much more substantial than the polymer and aluminum is stronger. I noticed that the CTL is more of a floodlight, and the TLR-3 is a particle cannon! Both have their uses, but tactically if you are using the viridian, it is better for searching a wide area as it gives off a full light spectrum as the TLR-3 obviously can be used for the same thing. Still, its light spectrum is more focused and therefore concentrates it’s light, causing temporary blindness when looking at directly. So basically, for me, if I’m searching for something in s more full area, viridian gets the point but does not cause disorientation as the Streamlight tlr-3 does. If your target is already acquired, then to blind them would give you a considerable advantage, and I also think the TLR-3 can be used for searching as well, but the field of view suffers. Viridian is more compact and lighter, but the pros outweigh the cons. I’m a big esthetic person ad well, but the Streamlight tlr-3 just looks better on a Springfield xdm anyway.

good quality gun light

this is a good quality gun light for the price, fit great on Taurus pt809. Not much more extensive than the gun maybe one-eighth of an inch on either side.. on/off switch is in the rear, so it does not hang up on holster when drawn or replaced.. takes only one cr2 battery, so it’s much smaller than other lights I considered which was what I was looking for in a flash. This thing is plenty bright too, lights up the whole back yard. Fast shipping and well packaged .. yes I would buy again.

The Streamlight tlr-3 is a Great Buy Very Bright

I bought this Streamlight tlr-3 light to put on my HD Glock. It arrived on time and was in good working order. this Glock Flashlight provides very bright light, probably intelligent enough to cause momentary blindness if shined into someone’s eyes in a dark room. After a quick and easy install, I rechecked the functionality of the light, and everything was okay. I took my pistol to the range the next day, with the light still installed, and ran through 150 rounds. The light worked just as well afterwards as when I first installed it. I did cover the light with masking tape because another reviewer mentioned that powder blowback had darkened his lights lens. The tape came off after the first 50 rounds, but I didn’t have any problems with my lens being damaged.

Very bright and compact Gun light. Easy to operate the switch.

The Streamlight tlr-3 Works as designed. Very bright. Any coin will work as a mounting/dismounting tool. The comprehensive mounting key set is included. It seems durable enough to be banged around and still function well. It has a small profile that is as about as minimally intrusive on weapon handling as a weapon-mounted light can be. The switch is easy and intuitive to use either on a pistol or long gun when mounted close to the nondominant hand position on the rifle or shotgun. I would highly recommend this over any detachable type weapons light system. It would be nice if it took a more conventional battery, but I feel the battery type (CR2 3volt) is worth the sacrifice for the TLR3’s compact size relative to its more-than-adequate brightness. I would highly recommend this for any home defense or tactical weapon.

Great Gun light, though not intended for full-size Beretta PX4

I bought a Streamlight tlr-3 for a Beretta PX4 full-size 9mm. With the A Key on there, the light rode too far forward, and my finger couldn’t reach the switch. They say the A is intended for the PX4 subcompact. I switched it with the included C Key, and it rode back far enough to reach the switch. Still, it’s not flush with the trigger guard, but it gets the job done. I’ve had a range session with it, and it stayed put. The light is plenty bright. A bargain for the money, I think. The fitting issue is my fault and that of Beretta — their underside rail only has one slot that is pretty far forward under the barrel. I will be getting a light that is a better fit for the PX4 and will be switching the TLR over to another handgun.

Perfect for a small application like a bullpup 12-gauge.

I have not fired any rounds yet but installed this tactical light on the bottom rail of a Kel-Tec KSG 12 gauge. I needed something small because I also have a foregrip on the same rail, so there are only a few inches for a light unless I wanted to go top rail, which I didn’t. Anyway, this thing is small enough for a pistol, so I gave it a shot, and it fits perfectly. The light is very bright, and the way I have it aligned, I can toggle it on and off with my thumb without changing my grip — very natural feeling.

It seems like high quality. I will only revise this review if it falls apart after shooting the weapon, but I highly doubt it based on the other glowing reviews.

Great Beam…Lousy Plastic Housing Mount.

The mount is fragile and will break you over tension with anything more than a coin. To replace the battery, you must unscrew the lens bezel. This fitting becomes very tight over time, and if you try to extract it while mounted on the gun, you will probably break the mount again from the torque. When replacing the bezel, just turn it until snug and not tight. The beam is excellent for home defense and is concentrated, so the point of impact is in the middle of the concentrated beam. Don’t worry about aiming with the iron sights at night at close quarters as in a house.


Mounted this Streamlight tlr-3 on a Glock 23 went on smooth locks down tight. Lightweight and durable. I am just now posting a review after taking it to the range today. I put 500rds of 40 through my Glock and no problems with the glock flashlight at all. Yes, I was shooting in the day with it turned on to see if the recoil would break it, but it held up the plan on doing some night shooting on steel plates. The light is bright and lights up rooms in my house well. I can’t comment on battery life yet. I’m sure there are more reviews of people dressing up like ninjas in their home and going on covert missions to the bathroom and kitchen taking out bad guys….. As far as durability on the range, it just works. Great price and I can manipulate the toggle left-handed no problems. Buy with confidence!

Fantastic light for the money

I was very on the fence about this Streamlight tlr-3 light before I purchased it due to mixed reviews involving durability. I bought this light just to detach quickly/attach to my home defense gun (SR9C), and so far have been very pleased with it. I have been using it for about four months now, and I can say that I have been very cautious with over-tightening after reading so many reviews about broken lights. I have had no problems out of this light, and it is quite bright just to be 90 lumens, and in fact, I think it is more polished. If I cut it on in the house, it will light up an entire room. If I hear something suspicious, I pick up the Ruger and turn on my light, and have no fear of what is lurking behind the corner.

Which I like because not all my holsters are designed to carry …

This gun light has had a couple of different homes with me. Most currently, it lives on my Sig P229. I appreciate the size of it, not adding any width to my weapon overall. The application and removal of it are rapid and straightforward, which I like because not all my holsters are designed to carry it with a light attached. This is plenty bright enough to use on a sidearm, and the price is reasonable. If you might ever use your weapon at night, without NVG, and operate it with both hands, get one of these. Don’t be one of the misguided people who think they can shoot at night just because they have night sights. Otherwise, the last and only thing you might ever see is a couple of tiny little dots in the dark.


Put this gun light on my Smith & Wesson M&P compact 40, PERFECT FIT!! The weight of the light is minimal and doesn’t make the pistol muzzle heavy, which was one of my concerns. Putting the light on or taking it off the pistol is an effortless one-handed operation and, once mounted, very secure and stable. The dual switch, momentary or on/off, is so easy to operate with my trigger finger. The brightness is more than enough to light an entire room and cause momentary blindness. Perfect light, I don’t believe I could find a better view, in the price range, for a compact pistol. If you’re looking for a good gun mounted light, whether full size or small pistol, that won’t break the bank, seriously consider this one, and you’ll have no regrets.