Streamlight TLR-7 Review

I’ve been unsatisfied with weapon mounted pistol lighting. Though I have quite the collection, I’ve 4 REQUIREMENTS The gunfire must meet. My hope is the Streamlight TLR-7, and TLR-8 has ended my search. Scroll to the bottom for product linksholsters, and video on these lights. Here’s a fast flashlights overview and after that, I will get to my requirements. The Streamlight TLR-7 is a little pistol light with a great deal of power. It pushes out 500 lumens of 1 CR123 battery for a run time of 1.5 hrs.

The controllers are ambidextrous and may are located on the medial side. You can choose between constant on or short-term. Streamlight TLR-8 is the TLR-7 with a laser added at the bottom. You can program the light to use only a red laser, just white light or both together.

Extremely Bright – My end goal is to get the power of the sun in the palm of my hands. Blinding power in a situation is a big win because it can assist in emotionally incapacitating your opponent as well as blinding them. Just ensure you’re cautious not to blind yourself in CQB settings. The TLR-7 and the TLR-8 are incredibly bright considering their size. Reputable – Streamlight has a strong name that I trust. I wasn’t a big fan of a few of the cheaper looking/feeling TLR lights which Came after the Streamlight TLR-1 and before the TLR-7, but these lights appear to take the size of these lights and add a more sturdy construction like the TLR-1.

The controls look like they can Last, the housing appears difficult, and so far I Can’t Make the light foul up even as I bang it around and place it throughout the paces. Great so far. Small – my needs for torch mounted torches have transformed. I carry a hidden front in the appendix, and so having a flashlight jabbing to my business is, well, let’s say embarrassing’. I shall carry a light provided it meets my other requirements, or I would carry no weapon mounted lighting whatsoever and rely on my own Streamlight Protac 2L-X. I’ve discovered the Streamlight TLR-7 and TLR-8 match the size requirement I want without forfeiting the brightness I am also looking for.

Ideal Controls – Ideal flashlight controls imply that I can turn the light on and off without changing my standard grip. Also, the mild controls shouldn’t be overly very sensitive or big, so the light is predisposed towards discharges. These controls must be simple to discover and activate in the dark and one-handed.

Finally, the controls need to permit me to keep the light on by the button or possess intermittent use, so it’s on and off with no hesitation. As with the other three requirements, the TLR-7 and TLR-8 fulfill this requirement as well. The laser feature of the TLR-8 requires particular attention to critique as well as another set of demands that I’ve for lasers. If you want to read about lasers and the TLR-8, click here. Get the Streamlight TLR-7 or the Streamlight TLR-8.