Streamlight tlr-8 reviews

Great light for my Glock 19

Purchased the streamlight tlr-8 for my Glock 19 and HK VP 9. Fits well on the lower front Picatinny rail of each. Easy to install and operate. I have the red laser, as I mostly shoot indoors. The streamlight gun light with laser work great. The strobe light is a little difficult to get to come on at times. I have to reprogram it. Great laser and light for the price. Shoots well.

Things to know!

I picked up this Streamlight tlr-8 light for a P-226, and it meets nearly all expectations. Here are a couple of things to know: 1) do not install on the couch while watching TV… you may lose parts (the e-clip is about 3mm in diameter), 2) on a larger pistol, the light is too far forward of the trigger, making the controls out of reach while gripping pistol. The Streamlight gun light with laser will work fine on shorter barreled handguns. I’m keeping it because of the quality, price, reviews, laser, and lightweight.

If you have a Glock 19 the Streamlight TLR-8 is perfect if interested in a Weapon Light/Laser combo

Excellent high-quality product and fits the Glock 19 Gen 3 perfectly. The red laser was very accurate out of the box. But it is easy to adjust if needed. The 500 lumen light is bright. I like that. The ambidextrous switch is easy to reach and intuitive. I’m thrilled with the Streamlight TLR-8… Great product. I also purchased the R&R IWB holster for the Glock 19 w/TLR-8. The holster also fits the Glock perfectly after tightening the adjustment screws.

The Streamlight tlr-8 is Worth Every Penny

Attached the Streamlight tlr-8to my vp9. In short, it’s perfect. Brightness is solid. Easy to cycle through light/laser only or both. Easy to turn on/off with a simple press of the switch, or hold for temporary use. Profiles perfectly in line with the gun both front and back. Honestly, I can’t find even a small thing bad about this light/laser. It’s simply a good product and worth every penny.

The Streamlight tlr-8 is a Bright light!

I bought the Streamlight tlr-8 to mount on an FN 509M. I am easily attached to the pistol. The Streamlight light is very bright and gives you programmable light/laser options. The laser is adjustable, but mine was right on out of the box. I can’t comment on battery life yet. I like that the Streamlight light doesn’t extend past the end of the barrel like my Streamlight TLR-1 does, which makes it easier to try and conceal using a high riding holster if you so choose.

The Streamlight tlr-8 Makes A great addition to your compact carry.

I mounted this TLR-8 to an S&W 380 EZ Shield. It was a perfect fit, with easy to follow instructions for installing and using it. Was able to get it zeroed at 15 yards in about 30 minutes. My Son In Law was so impressed he’s getting one for his. I’m happy. Now to make a holster to fit it for concealed carry.

The Streamlight tlr-8 is Awesome!

Streamlight tlr-8 is precisely what you get if bought in stores.. but for a fraction of the price! I returned the one I purchased in store because this one was so much cheaper and still the same high quality!

The Streamlight tlr-8 makes a great addition

Just put this Streamlight tlr-8 on my M&P 9 full size and was super easy to install light is the bright laser is easy to see with or without the light on. The thing I like best about this is that it doesn’t extend past the barrel and is super lightweight.