The 10 Best AK Stock, Grip and Handguard Upgrades

There is little doubt that the AK-47 and AK-74 are still remarkable weapons that can function in almost any environment. However, as advanced the engineering is on these weapons, their old fashioned wooden stocks and furniture are particularly outdated today. What follows are the 10 best upgrades you can make to your AK model which includes new AK-47 stocks, AK-47 grips and AK-47 handguards.

ERGO AK Classic Grip

This ambidextrous design is crafted from rubber over molded polymer. The smooth groove for the fingers makes this quite ergonomic and offers better overall weapon control. There is even a storage compartment in the butt of the grip for small cleaning tools.

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ATI Strikeforce Stock w/Scorpion Recoil System

This is a complete stock and grip system that offers the following;

  • Scorpion Recoil System
  • 6 – Position Adjustable Folding Stock
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest
  • Hand Guards
  • Glass-Reinforced Polymer Construction

Bravo Company BCM GUNFIGHTER Vertical Short Grip

Featuring Picatinny-type rails, this is designed to fit the fore-end of the AK. Offering a more relaxed angle for the wrist and increasing the rigidity of the handguard, this grip is a low-profile device designed to be snag-free for better, overall control and comfort.

Timbersmith Wood Furniture

This includes the stock, handguard and grip created out of American wood in the popular Russian Red style. A rubber butt-pad for the buttstock, a checkered pistol grip and cut to reduce the overall weight, this is the perfect kit for those who still love the feel of real wood.

TAPCO AK SAW Style Pistol Grip

Mimicking the famous M249 SAW grip, this version has horizontal grooves that flare out for a better grip of the rifle. It also makes for more comfortable shooting and handling while in operation and even includes a storage compartment as well.

UTG Model 47 Ergonomic Pistol Grip

Lightweight, durable and comfortable to use, this product is made from high-grade synthetic material and helps keep your grip on the weapon.

Slide Fire Solutions SSAK-47 Stock

Simple to install, easy to use and ergonomic in design, this particular stock offers better, overall handling thanks to its rugged design. The system itself works by pulling it in tight and using your non-shooting hand to push the handguard forward. This will cause the trigger to move to your finger and fire while the recoil resets the weapon.

Magpul MOE AK Grip

A one-piece reinforced polymer grip with better ergonomic control and superb styling, it is easy to install and creates better conditions to handle the weapon under different situations. You can even choose different color options as well.

TAPCO Intrafuse AK Side Folding Stock

This stock is shorter and foldable for easier gun handling. The stock itself is compatible with stamped AK receivers and constructed from high-grade composite materials that include a steel hinge. A sling attachment is also included.

Mako AK-47 Survival Buttstock w/Built-In Magazine

Created from solid polymer, this buttstock features a built-in magazine holding 10 rounds and is adjustable for better handling. A smooth, sleek design that is built for speed, this buttstock is one of the best for the AK-47.

Any one of these upgrades will definitely improve the overall handling of the AK weapon, making it the perfect way to get the most out of your gun.