The compact and robust Aimpoint Micro H1 4 MOA with LRP Mount Review

For all red-dot fans out there, the Aimpoint Micro H1 4 MOA with LRP (Lever Release Picatinny) Mount will be great in addition to the pool. With just too many options in the optics department from a variety of highly respected companies, shooters are finding it increasingly hard to not fall for quality and innovation even if it means it would leave a gaping hole in their pocket. The question though is how many of you would be prepared to spend a considerable big amount for a red-dot, especially when there are umpteen such red-dots in the market with a much smaller price tag? Aimpoint launched its Micro series in the year 2007 targeting hunters. Combining the superior dependability and robustness of the bigger optics and lightness of hunting sights, Aimpoint came up with the Micro. Both the H1 and T1 models have been built to stand extreme environmental conditions while giving optimum performance. The T1 is more of a military and law enforcement sight while the H1 is specific to hunting and competitive shooting. Even though T1 offers 4 Night Vision Device settings and comes with more features than H1, one should understand that H1 features, namely submersible up to 15 feet, great battery life, standard semi-matte finish, etc., is more than sufficient for hunting and competitive shooting and has a lesser price tag too!

Aimpoint Micro H1 – Highlights

  • Package: H1 comes with a 2 or 4 MOA and with or without quick release option. The package includes two manuals, a rubber bikini lens cover and a micro tool. The micro tool is user-friendly and can be used to regulate elevation and windage, tighten or loosen the body of the optic to any mount and to tighten the battered cap.
  • Dimensions: The overall dimensions of the Micro is 2.4”x2.4”x2.6” and is exceptionally light, weighing about 6oz with the LRP mount.
  • LRP: The LRP mount comes with a set screw to tighten the mount and a lever to attach the optic to the rail. It is a simple yet effective mechanism. The LRP mount along with the set height of the riser ensures that the shooter can co-witness the iron sights to a total of 1/3 co-witness which is especially useful when the optic fails due to one or more reasons.
  • Brightness and Battery: The brightness settings can be easily adjusted with a well designed and compact knob located on the optic’s right side. From 0 to 12, there are 13 settings with one being the lowest. The brightness knob clicks are readily comprehensible, and this feature is handy when having to change the settings without glancing at the knob. The battery, a 3 volt CR032 that lasts for nearly 50,000 hours when kept continuously on in low setting, is located in a case within the knob and can be detached by unscrewing the battery cap using the micro tool. The cap’s rubber seal makes the battery water-proof.
  • Windage and Elevation: The windage and elevation knobs are quite tiny and require close monitoring while removing the caps. The rotation adjustments are marked beneath the cap, and the small nipples on the cap serve as an adjustment tool in the absence of an external one. The changes are quick and easy with ½” at 100 yards.
  • Build: The optic is sturdy, reliable and durable and is capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions, be it heat or water. The waterproof commitment of Aimpoint is honored, and the objective lenses are pretty much impenetrable. Regardless of the number of times it is detached and placed back; there is no loss of zero and no change in the last adjustment.

Aimpoint offers a 2-year warranty for the original owner on the Micro H1, and as it is already known, it does come with a high price tag. Considering that the product rides high on simplicity, robustness, durability, and performance, it is a pretty impressive deal!