Top 5 Accessories for the AR-15

Finding the perfect AR 15 accessories to take with you on the field can be a tricky thing. You have to find accessories that suit the type of operation you’ll do more often or accessories that suit your particular style. There are some accessories though that are great for all situations and these are the ones we have put in our top 5. These 5 AR-15 accessories will improve your aim and stability, or simply make your life easier and more comfortable.

List of the best AR-15 accessories:

  1. Grip Pod. What Grip Pod offers you first and foremost is stability while shooting. When you and your weapon are more stable it is simpler and easier to aim and shoot well. This amazing accessory has been developed since 2003, but hit the markets in 2005. Since then the military and law enforcement as well have used it a lot and it has become quite popular.

What makes Grip Pod so special is that it is both a vertical grip and a bipod in one accessory. To be precise it is a vertical grip until you press a rough button on its side, which turns it into a bipod. This ensures stability in all positions, be it standing, sitting or prone. Not only that, but the double utility of Grip Pod also saves the operator the trouble of having to adjust a bipod during combat onto the weapon, since Grip Pod offers you a bipod already on your weapon.AR-15 Accessories

  1. Rifle Scopes. Using a scope with your AR-15 is a very good idea, as many veterans know. It allows you to aim and shoot at targets further away with higher precision. Vision enhancement equipment is always useful in dangerous situations and a scope is certainly the favored among them when it comes to AR-15 accessories.
  2. Rifle Bullet Pouch. These pouches can be tied with a belt and will keep your bullets safely stored even if you are running, jumping and crawling. This ensures that you don’t lose bullets and that you have your ammo readily available the moment you need them.
  3. High Capacity Magazines. Using high capacity magazines increases the time you can continue shooting and the number of targets you might achieve to hit. There will be plenty of situations where you’ll find it is absolutely necessary to be able to shoot for longer. Time spent reloading your weapon is the time your enemy will be able to shoot you easier. This is why high capacity magazines can save your life, as well as ensure that less of your comrades will get hurt. Shooting for longer and reloading less are both the boons of good high capacity magazines.
  4. Slips and Rifle Slings. A slip is that perfect AR 15 accessory in which you can store your weapon when you don’t need it. This allows you to run and move more freely in general. Slings carry you assault rifle as well, but it is easier to retract the AR-15 from a sling than it is from a slip. With a sling you can start shooting almost immediately when needed, but slips tuck away the AR-15 more securely.

Getting these amazing AR-15 accessories will ensure that your operations will be safer and your use of your weapon more stable and sure. Choose the accessories you need based on the type of operation you’ll do and the role you have to play in that operation. Getting the above mentioned AR-15 accessories will increase your chances for success as well as make your life much easier.