Trijicon 4×32 USMC ACOG Optic Sight – Review

One might be able to ensure that optic sight batteries are in working condition or even carry replacements but as many shooters, who have been a part of tactical operations or serious gun battles, would confirm, it is just not possible to always make sure that the batteries do not die midway. In such tricky situations where your survival depends on the working of the optic sights, it is sensible to go in for one that does not rely on battery power. Trijicon 4×32 USMC ACOG is a battery-less optic sight that finds its place in the arsenal of many shooters including those in the military. This sight is preferred not just for its battery-less design but also for its durability and simplicity of mounting and handling. Trijicon 4×32 USMC ACOG has been built to fit the M16A4 weapon system.


  • Dual Illumination: The Trijicon ACOG is equipped with a dual illumination system that blends fiber optics and tritium in a single sight. The fiber optics aid in the regulation of brightness levels during the day or under better light conditions while the tritium illuminates the aiming point during night. This dual technique ensures that the sight works perfectly well at all times, no matter the light conditions.
  • Battery-free: The dual illumination system makes certain that the aiming point is perennially illuminated which negates the need for batteries.
  • Reticle: The reticle pattern on ACOG has been designed to enable rapid focus on close range targets. It also comes with a Bullet Drop Compensator that enables the shooter to effectively identify the target thereby increasing the chance of a perfect hit up to 800 meters.


  • Durable: The battery free design is not the only highpoint of the ACOG. The sight is also preferred by many for its durable and hard wearing nature. It should be noted here that the tritium in the rifle scope has a life of up to 12 years. That is certainly good value for the investment made.
  • Superior Optics: There is a definite consensus on the superior brightness and clarity levels of the optics. Easy adjustments and the potential to use the scope effectively at any time of the day are great advantages.
  • Easy mounting: As many who have had the chance to use the sight have indicated, it is quite simple and straightforward to handle and mounting the scope on an M4 is an effortless affair.


  • Cost: The price tag of $1224 to 1673 does burn a hole in your pocket. Many who have refrained from buying the scope site the cost as the major reason. Yet, if one considers the level of performance , its reliability and long lasting characteristics the price tag is pretty reasonable.
  • Size of the reticle: There are few who feel that the size of the reticle is a little too small as a result of which shooters may not get a clear picture of their targets at all times.

Factoring in both the good and bad aspects of the sight, we can safely conclude that the Trijicon 4×32 USMC ACOG is a great addition to your M4. The sight might be a bit expensive but it does offer a great deal of benefits that cannot be overlooked.  The ACOG is highly durable and dependable at all situations. One can also be certain that it is handy and simple to use. If you can put aside your budgetary constraints for quality, ACOG certainly fits the bill.