Trijicon RMR Review

Reflex sights can be amazing helpers when used correctly. They can assist you both with long distance shooting thanks to the magnifications, as well as improve your speed shooting at short distance by making target acquisition easier.

The Trijicon RMR might look like a silly little piece of equipment at first, but wait till you try it for yourself. It might just look like a tiny window with a huge yellow dot, yet the RMR will do wonders for you. Shooting with both eyes open you simply can’t miss with that huge sun-like dot helping you aim. The tiny window also helps so you don’t get bothered by its frame. One could not be more wrong than if they made fun of this little guy’s size.

There are more than 25 choices of mounts for the Trijicon RMR for you to choose from, making it possible to combine this reflex sight with a lot of platforms. Testing it on various weapons has proven its utility over and over again, for different situations and needs.

Placing the RMR on a “3-gun” setup shows just how amazing this little reflex sight can be. It’s not only simple to mitigate recoil when you shoot with a slight angle to your head, but the reflex keeps you well on target with its big yellow dot. By having a longer optic for large distances and the reflex sight for close up, you are ready for everything and accurate at whatever distance you need at the moment.

Long distance sights simply can’t offer great precision at close up range. The bullet needs to travel to make up for that extra height your optics take up on their mount. This is why having a tiny reflex sight can help you avoid that 1-2 inch difference your long range sight would make you suffer through at close range.

Mouting the RMR straight up on your weapon can do wonder at short distances, since it already has a very big dot. Big dots are simply better for short distance shooting, while they also serve you well for medium distances. With the RMR you don’t need to change your setup and this makes everything much faster when shooting with it.

The RMR is so light that it could easily be a rear iron sight, illuminated and easy to use.

Now comes the best part. The Trijicon RMR needs no battery. It takes up sunlight from around you, even when it is a cloudy day, and it brightens up your dot automatically. You never have to fear that your battery will die on you with the RMR. When there is no light, then the RMR uses the power of Tritium instead. This is a radioactive isotope that will illuminate your dot for 6-12 years. There is no danger involved whatsoever.

Windage and elevation is quite easy to adjust as far as the Trijicon RMR is concerned. With quiet, subtle clicks and easy turning, the windange and elevation will be where you want it without any drama or fuss.

With so many mounting options, great utility and light built, the Trijicon RMR is an amazing sight for everyone.