Trijicon RMR Type 2 Review

Trijicon lately released its latest the popular version of RMR optic: the RMR Type 2. Given that the Type 2 seems precisely just like the original, some strategic shooters can have assumed that the Trijicon RMR Type 2 was another Gen2, which in today’s world of advertising frequently means a brand new paint job, but small that is really new and/or improved. In fact, the RMR Type two is new and improved. Although Trijicon does not quite say so in its press and advertising materials, the business took the original’s basic attributes and added in upgrades to maximize the Type 2 for semi-automatic handguns.

Law enforcement and concealed carry users were on the cutting edge of those design changes. RMR Type 2 will work well on the rifles and shotguns, but the changes made to several features make the RMR Type 2 an excellent choice for semi-automatic pistols. I obtained an RMR Sort and mounted it on a Glock 20 semi-automatic pistol chambered in 10 mm. Following a fantastic workout at the scope, I found the guy RMR two to be an excellent aid to fast and precise shooting, in close and at space. It may be easily adjusted to changing lighting conditions and continues to be toughened up, electronically speaking, to take on more extreme conditions than the original.

To mount the RMR Type 2, I first tapped out the original rear sight, employing a Brownells 1 inches nylon and brass hammer plus Brownell’s nylon front view punch. Next, I tapped on the pistol’s backslide area and tightened down the base’s screws. I then added a battery to the basis of the RMR type two unit and attached the unit to the base with two screws. In the range, I zeroed the RMR Type two at ten meters in the remainder, using Remington UMC 10 millimeter ammunition, shooting a 180 FMJ bullet. My RMR Type 2 has 3.25 MOA center dot.

My shots sprinkled but at two inches on the left of the bullseye and about an inch low. Employing the rim of a spent 10-millimeter brass case, which fit from the control grooves, I clicked on the windage and elevation adjustments, each click equaling 1 MOA. Here I switched out ammo, picking for the Elite Performance 10 mm of SIG Sauer using a 180-grain FMJ bullet. Firing out of a rest at 10 yards, I pegged a fine four shot cloverleaf that measured only 522 inches. Next, I set up a Birchwood Casey Bad Guy, target at 10 yards, and did 10 rounds center mass, followed by 10 rounds in the head area. All shots attached where they were presumed to so as to stop a hazard.

The RMR Sort 2 makes accurate and fast shooting easier than using metal sights, at least for me. Looking throughout the tempered glass lens, the aiming point is a free dot, not a rear and front view that must be lined up and stored in sync. I was shooting an overcast afternoon and conducted brightness settings of RMR from at least to many to find the best resolution at distances and as the sun peeked out here and there. Brightness adjustments were easy to create from the rubberized controls the face of the unit. I tried the RMR on a bright day without shooting to see which brightness amounts worked best in full sunlight.

I found my best brightness setting and the aiming dot stood out from targets. Trijicon has reinforced the battery connections and electronic on RMR Form two to ensure performance and survivability in what the company calls harsh environments. , a lot of people will associate those environments, with extremes of temperatures, precipitation of different types and dirty conditions. Surely, the RMR Type 2 will function in these conditions. But these environments, also include being mounted on a large caliber semi-automatic pistol chambered in 45 ACP or 10 mm, being holstered and unholstered and generally knocked around and being able to withstand not only recoil, but the pounding generated by rapidly Emptying a complete magazine of 45 ACP or 10 mm.

Another plus for Hidden Carriers in the RMR Sort 2’s Button Locks Out Mode. By pressing both controller buttons found on the device’s side for 3 seconds simultaneously, you lock, the risk that a bulge to either control will alter the brightness level. To further extend battery life, the Battery Conservation Mode automatically adjusts the aiming point to ambient lighting requirements after 16.5 hours with no button push. The RMR Sort 2 weighs just 1.2 ounces with battery inserted, and Trijicon speeds battery life in roughly 2 years with average, usage. The unit is built from 707T6 aluminum to mil-spec criteria.

The RMR Type two is suitable with RMR optics and mounts ready handguns. Otherwise, you may need a mounting base specific to your gun model. These can be found in Trijicon, at an additional price. Trijicon also sells a wide range of adapters for long firearms. The suggested retail price on the newest Trijicon RMR Sort dot sight is $655.