What people are saying about the Vortex Venom


Perfect for my Canik TP9SFX

This 3 MOA vortex venom is perfect for target shooting and self-defense. It is a perfect fit for the 01 plate that comes with the TP9SFX and comes with the mounting hardware. It has an auto-brightness feature that adjusts the dot brightness to the surrounding light and shuts the dot off when you put the protective cap on. If you like to do your own adjusting, leave it in manual mode. It has a memory function, so it will come back on to the last set brightness . I shot 250 rounds with no problems….time will tell.

Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight: perfect!

Installing this unit on my new Ruger 22/45 was quite easy, as the instructions are clear, and the few parts easily identified.using a boresight to calibrate the red dot sight with the pistol was also a snap. Following that step, I went to the range and put 100 rounds through the pistol using the new sight. I put 90% plus where I aimed. Major flaws were user/shooter errors.
Incidentally, I bought this sight because I already had one on a 9mm Kimber that came with it installed. Sight installed at the factory was spot on. beautifully

Quality, no problems

I got this for my Mark IV. I did my research, looking at Burris, Trijicon, and others. In the end, I was sold on Vortex’s reputation and warranty. For the money, this was a good product, well above average quality. This sight installed easy, adjusted well, and holds its zero. I have shot about 500 rounds with it now and love it. The only thing that I can fault is the adjustment screws don’t have a good tactile click. It’s not a big deal, just watch what you are doing and don’t try to adjust by feel alone. I had no problems stripping screws or with the battery cover going on like some of these other reviews complained of. Let’s face it; some people could strip out a light bulb. Use common sense and realize that with these fine threads, you can’t put your whole arm into tightening very small screws. If you are that worried about it loosening up, use Loctite blue on the mounting threads.

Fantastic little optic for the money!

Love this Red Dot Sight. I have astigmatism, and this is bang-on, even taking that into account. I get the point of impact dot with a splash off away from my dominant eye, and using this on the lower settings allowed me to zero it in, and it has held accuracy for the first few hundred rounds. I would not hesitate to buy another for another gun.

The sight alone is amazing, and parallax-free up to 50 yards

The sight alone is amazing, and parallax-free up to 50 yards, which for my EDC is more than enough. I received a product that wasn’t 100%, and they sent me a new one the day I requested a replacement. The next day someone from Vortex called me to ask what was going on. Great product and great customer service. The only thing that could make it better is some t-shirts and decals lol!

Works great once you find the right mounting plate.

I mounted this on a Taurus PT1911 using a vortex venom mount dovetail for the rear sight. The thing I found out is that there is a wide variety of dovetail sizes (Bomar, Novack, LPA, etc.), and you have to measure it to find out which one you have. My Taurus has an LPA dovetail for a Heine sight, and I finally found a matching plate at Evolution Gun Works. I had to do a little file work on the plate to get the profile to match the rounded top of the slide, but it works great.

Great for Glock 19 MOS Gen 5

I purchased the Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight (6 MOA) for my Glock 19 MOS Gen 5. All I had to use were the metal brackets that came with my Glock along with the screws that came with the red dot. It took me like ten rounds to get the sight calibrated, but once calibrated, it worked great.

Wow, what customer service… BTW a great Red Dot to boot!

Wow….. INCREDIBLE customer/warranty service….. no issues at all with the Vortex Venom sight…. But, during a long day at the range ….. the mounting screws stripped while changing from one gun to another. Not a product warranty issue, you say? Well, I called customer service to ask about repair costs explaining that the damage was my own “ham-handed” fault. I was promptly and cheerfully informed that “we have a full lifetime warranty…. only thing not covered is loss or theft…… send it in, and we’ll replace it free of charge… including shipping”. And they did….. I SAY, WOW!

Excellent Red Dot – I would purchase it again

I cannot believe I did not already review this excellent sight. It is mounted on a Springfield X(d) M 9mm Threaded barrel using an Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter/Mount for Springfield XD(M), XDS (I highly recommend this mount). Zeroing the sight took about 10 minutes and 19 rounds (one magazine). I was very particular. My choice was to sight in at about 35 feet and is good down to less than 10 feet. The sight is a typical Red Dot and allows very quick acquisition of your target, and that is the reason I bought it. The bullet lands where the dot is. No issues with power. I would purchase it again. Note of warning: I highly recommend having a Gunsmith remove your rear sight of any Springfield pistol. I have a sight pusher, but the barrel profile kept me from using it. I tried brass punch and ended up having to use a Dremel tool to cut it to allow its removal. Stupid choice… should have been patient and took the slide to a Gunsmith or sending it to Springfield to remove it. Springfield sights have a reputation for being extremely difficult to remove.

Great Optic, Smaller than Expected

After months of looking for a red dot sight for my rifle, I settled into this. I had been debating between Vortex Optics, EOTech, Trijicon, and AimPoint, and what sold me on this sight was the design and the price, as well as the performance that I read up on from reviews. I was originally considering the EOTech 512 Holo but soon found out that they have a class-action lawsuit against them for that optic due to issues with accuracy in areas of high heat or extreme cold. I live in AZ, and right now, the average temperature is about 116 F (46 C), and I did not want my optic to become compromised in the desert heat. Onto the Trijicon, well, unfortunately, the MRO was out of my budget, but it is still a very good optic, and if I had the money, I would definitely consider picking one up. Sadly this was also the case for the AimPoint optics as well. I asked a friend who works for the NE State Patrol what optics he preferred, and he said that he and his family only use AimPoint. For a State, Patrolman, to fully trust a product that much it must be good, but unfortunately, I do not have $400 to spend on a 1x optic, so I had to pass. That is where this little guy came in. Now Vortex has many options for 1x sights like the Strikefire; for example, however, I wanted something different. The Vortex Venom is precisely what I was looking for, just in a smaller package than what I expected. When I was looking at it, people were saying how well it fits their AR-15’s and other rifles, and so I bought this. The price was right, the design was right, and the Vortex warranty didn’t hurt either. When I received the sight was dismayed to realize it was a mini red dot, it was more designed for AR’s with free float barrels, shotguns, and handguns rather than AR’s with A2 posts. So I hopped on Amazon to see what a riser would cost me, and I was taken aback by the price of the Vortex Quick Release Riser Mount at $100, needless to say, I found a better option. Once I got everything squared away and lined up, I took it to the range and sighted it in. The adjustments were quick and easy, and I was able to sight it in for 50 yds. After a few thousand rounds and a few trips in the desert heat, this optic has held up well and looks pretty decent to boot. If you don’t have more than $250 to spend on sight and don’t want a scope, this is a good optic.