Accushot Monopod Review

The Accushot Precision Monopod Review

The Accushot monopod is offered as a substitute to a sandsock traditional shooting sandbags, or beanie tote. While somewhat slower as regards to adjustments than squeezing a sandbag for elevation, the Accushot monopod provides the advantage of not changing if pressure is minimized as with a sandbag. First thing to notice after unpacking is the quality of finish; the outdoor surfaces are smooth with no sharp edges.

The tapered Actuator knob is created from Deltaflex, a soft 40 durometer compound resistant synthetic. The major diameter is 1.380″ and the smooth metal disk in the foundation can be set right on the support surface if required.


The initial step would be to ensure the sling swivel studs are securely fastened into position. The next step is to take out the sling from the back stud in the buttstock. (In this case, the temporary removal of a Tactical Intervention Specialists Fast Cuff sling.)

Setup includes unscrewing the threaded actuator rod from the casing to let it go upwards showing the Uncle Mike’s locking sort Super Swivel that’s opened, set in the sling stud, bonded and then the collar is placed back on top of it.

Sling Positioning nut, a knurled 1/4″ thick steel wheel is subsequently run upwards against the stock collar securely locking it. It locks the foundation of the unit once the lock ring is against the collar.

A thin injection molded neoprene rubber membrane is made into the stock collar to secure the stock finish.

For storage, or transport, the “Sling Positioning thumb nut” is loosened as well as the actuator knob tipped forwards towards the muzzle and locked into position.

In case the Precision monopod will be a long-term installment, the 3/32″ plastic tipped set screw located at the back of the stock collar heel foundation is subsequently turned inwards to lock the screw thread shank/swivel base against the stock collar. The sling is then reattached to the built-in sling attachment point found in the back of the Stock collar.

Field Assessment

I mounted the AccuShot Monopod up to my Remington 700Police DM .300 Win. Mag. for an assessment using a rifle that’s a little recoil. Multiple assessment fire chain were conducted from bench and prone positions to see how nicely it would hold up.

After firing a hundred rounds of 190 gr. .300 Win. Mag. at distinct times, and under differing weather conditions, I really could discover no mechanical issues.


The Accushot Monopod is attached to the butt of the rifle, won’t mildew, rot, or become lost in a dark recess of a gear bag. It’s not difficult to set up and use with nominal training time and offers a specific hold index for prone shooting.

However, while the utilization of an Uncle Mike’s locking “Super Swivel” is a good thought, the serrated edge of the locking knob slightly protrudes from the port side of the base and can make a painful sore in the hand if firmly grasped.. If it’s not locked down against the stud, the exact same can be said of the little set screw in the back. Little points actually.

Concluding thoughts
At face value, this product appears to be “just another widget” being promoted to the fast growing Tactical Shooting community.
Nevertheless, if one learns to use the product and practices with it, it could only add another tool to your bag of UKD tricks, and will grow on you