AR-15 – Top Upgrades and Accessories


Kitting up an AR15 is the best way to make it your own, while developing a bond and acquaintance, which will make the difference whether it would be in the first phase of a local contest or a gunfight. People that have an eye for the AR15 platform recognize the effect little changes can have on its functionality.

Pistol Grip

When you’ve used an AR for a long period of time, the very first upgrade in your wish list would be the replacement for the A2 grip. It is probably too small for all those with bigger hands or offers significantly less than sufficient purchase when wearing gloves. Either way, it’s one of the easiest methods as well as the least expensive upgrades to differentiate your AR from other challengers at the range.


Stippling is quite effective and affordable. For the artistically inclined, you can definitely add some customization and flare unlike any other. For those like me who cannot draw a straight line using a pencil and a ruler, do not fret, there’s hope for everyone. Naturally, you can always send it out to a gunsmith or a person who specializes in stippling ( While I haven’t risked a firearm, I’ve spent several hours enhancing my magazines risking no more than several dollars. All you ever need to stipple is a less expensive soldering iron. From pistol grips to magazines, stippling improves aesthetics and the handle of parts and several firearms. At the very least, you can mark your initials on the bottom plate of you magazines to recognize them for your pal’s.

Gun triggers

Many manufacturers sell quality aftermarket AR-15 triggers that can readily drop into place. Pick your poison and select from single-phase, two-phase, match, 3-gun, flexible, non-adjustable, straight or curved bow from many available manufacturers.


BUIS oftentimes function as backups for red dot optics and attach over the modular, free float handguard going over a low profile gas block. Most well-known is probably the Magpul’s MBUS, yet, in doing so you’re choosing polymer over steel. I have never found this to be a problem, but others arrive in various camps, so pick wisely. Do not fret Magpul lovers. Magpul additionally sells the MBUS Pro with steel structure.

Charging Handles

The charging handle is a simple and powerful layout. It’s served its goal for decades with its low failure rate, nevertheless, there’s a better mousetrap. Gone is the day of taking the charging handle by means of your index and middle fingers. Models of nowadays are bigger and are readily controlled with the palm of the hand. Others are two-handed. These options are always great in a gunfight or in a contest, not to mention striving to handle a small charging handle when on gloves.

Ambidextrous Security Selectors

An ambi-safety selector is not unusual among contestants that participate in a shooting competition. Why? Shooting course designers oftentimes design phases making the shooters to shoot from their weak hand. This mimics the conditions of real world scenarios, so the lesson is not difficult. If you are a shooting competition contestant, then an ambi-safety is advisable. And even if you’re not a shooting competition contestant, an ambi-safety is still advisable. When setting up a kid’s gun, I made sure to include the an ambi-safety. No, the kid wasn’t in a competition, nor likely to be engaged in a gunfight. Nevertheless, irrespective of my placement, I needed the capability to scrutinize the gun from either side to show it absolutely was not dangerous.


My first Bushmaster still runs with a fixed stock; call me sentimental. Nevertheless, this is the sole AR I possess with a fixed stock. Even guns, which come with a low-cost six-place stock will instantly find a place in the upgrade line of my cave. Aesthetics be dammed; the correct AR-15 stock for the task improves dependability and functionality. Why would anybody do away with any of these? The key would be to pick a collapsible stock offering a solid fit and still maintain adaptability, accuracy and adjustability. When you want to replace your stock, make sure you select the right replacement to fit the size of your buffer tube.


Some will place enough rounds down range to wash out a barrel; long-range shooters are probably the remarkable exception. Considerations when picking out a barrel include, gas system length, profile, chambering, twist rate, quality, length and barrel lining. A properly outfitted AR15 is quite effective at long distances. The essential components for success are bullets and barrel.


Free floating handguards offer small increases in precision over conventional two piece, non-floating layouts. With a free floating handguard, you can hang up all the furniture you like without applying force on the barrel, which may change as the barrel heats. This guarantees an increment in accuracy. Most frequent culprits are forward grips and slings.


Having discussed the significance of BUIS, it would have been a big omission to leave out optic.. The most desired AR15 optic depends on the planned function of the rifle. Don’t forget, you will be better served saving up for the right optic, than going for the inexpensive one, regretting and then purchasing the expensive one later – or worse, attributing the poor performance to the rifle.

Red-dot, holographic and reflex sights are well-known among tactical and competitive shooters for fast target acquisition. It’s more easy to place just one dot on the spot than aligning three dots. Top picks are EOTech, Aimpoint and Trijicon. Aligned with a 3x flip-to-side magnifier, these sights are able to accurately engage targets at a distance of about 300 yards.


Unless you’re rolling big and have night vision goggles and an infrared laser, an excellent weapon-mounted light is a real advantage when things go bump in the night and more than worthy of consideration. In fact, the scope of the light doesn’t necessitate a free floating handguard. You will not be firing far enough to impact accuracy. Nevertheless, when training during daytime, you will not be pulling the equipment off and reattaching it, which calls for a free floating handguard.


This really is a place where selecting a sling will likely be determined by the planned use. 1, 2 and 3 contact points all have disadvantages and advantages. Two suggestions I can offer. Paracord slings seem cool and I loved making a couple–they’re not comfortable for a long haul. We all have to bow down to whoever devised the neoprene rifle sling, period.