A Better Glock trigger

I have been asked lots of questions regarding the trigger installed in my custom made Templar Glock 19. Who made it? Which is the best? How easy is it? Before I provide answers to these questions, I will want to give you a sound advice; let Bob Meszaros Templar Custom Arms be the one that will work on your Glock trigger. Bob and I took spent a lot of time brainstorming and tinkering with different designs before coming up with what is contained in Handgun Combative Glock Package. This is a smoothly designed trigger capable of bearing 5.5-pound weight. Bod ensures its modification was of a standard to make it fit into every other gun. Does it give me the same feel as mine? Certainly not, I prefer constructing my Glock trigger myself though it takes me hours to finish it. It is important to have it at the back of your mind that will need to modify your trigger in such a way that it is consistent. He will do a perfect job even if you want your gun back in a month or so. It would cost you more if he spent the same amount of time I spend on mine. I can guarantee you that your custom made trigger will feel better than the original factory design without landing you in court. This isn’t just a light trigger; it was smoothly made to reduce the amount of effort you will need in sending the trigger straight to the rear. This is what every gunner desires.

If Templar’s trigger is so right, how come I don’t make use of it? Simple1 I enjoy playing around with stuff. Nothing captivates my interest as maximizing the trigger installed on my Glock handgun. I see Glock as an outdated gun which needs some modifications to perform well. As a veteran gun handler, I advise you avoid buying skill but build it up before modifying the gear on your gun. A high skill set allows you know what and what not you need. You can only know how to enhance your gun when you know how to shoot well with it. I have modified the triggers of some of my gun which includes; SIG P-228, Heckler and Koch, USP-C and now Glock. I now know when it is entirely unsafe to work on the triggers of a gun. I always have my teaching gun all the time on me. If I have taught you before, you must have noticed how I love simplicity. I have experimented with trigger bars, connectors, and sear housing. I have destroyed a lot in my gun all because I wanted to come up with the best Glock trigger. Due to low precision in Glock parts, it is tough to modify them. I have designed some incredible trigger components only to discover that it didn’t work when I installed it on another gun. I have tried out auto Glocks (those that don’t reset), Glocks that fires one to three rounds. I have encountered difficulties that can break a man’s back.

After all these setbacks, I finally discovered a smooth and consistent modification technique that can be used on any other gun. It is quite expensive I must say, but I can confidently tell you that it is worth it, giving you the best Glock action you can think of. The drawback, however, is that Templar action is much cheaper.

The inspiration of this trigger came from Travis Haley who tried to reduce the reach of Glock trigger system. Though at first inspection, it may seem like the modified trigger won’t do much, I have been able to push shots to the left at 7 to 9 O’ clock which I couldn’t do before with it. My previous attempts to implement this modification only led me to compromise the safety plunger of my gun. I knew instantly that it was just Jeff that could efficiently do this job. Jeff polishes his triggers and what this means is that there will be no need for further polishing from your end. This also allows your gun parts to glide smoothly. If you want a thorough job, you will need to install a Ghost Rocket connector which is a 6 pounds trigger.

Rocket is my favorite because of its 4.5-pound weight and over travel tab. Some years ago, I succeeded in developing a technique which increased the over the travel tab of my gun. However, you need to exercise great caution when implementing this modification on your weapon. To fit the connector in a faster time, you will need to just cut out the tab flat. A lot of people have ended up cutting in the wrong direction when trying to implement this modification. Funny enough, they pick up the phone and call Ghost inc when they commit this blunder. Take your time and observe how well how the Glock trigger cams in the downward direction by using your hand to work the action after removing the side. Then note how the connector cams in the right and left direction, and then know if it is necessary to cut the over-travel tab in the opposite direction. You just have to slow down and take your time when fitting the connector to ensure it is installed correctly. You can find the right cutting direction on Ghost’s website. If you get it right, you’re over travel will be reduced while your trigger will be increased.

Why is over the travel so important? A trigger should only travel move a small distance before getting ready for another shot. Some years ago when I went to visit my doctor, we started talking about the index finger, inter-limb action and how they affect the hand. In summary, the less movement you give to your index finger, the lower the chances of the other fingers “going along for a ride” thus reducing milking or gorilla grip action. I believe a good number of you understand what I am trying to say especially if you have used Glock trigger system.

The moment I fit my Rocket connector, I try to complete the action job using Ghost 6-pound trigger, as well as a striker springer. I discovered that the stronger spring is, the more responsive and less mushy it will be. Instead of using a scale when checking the weight of my triggers, I made use of standardized pressures, as it offers me more precision than scale will. I place my trigger inf the middle of the trigger face when measuring where it receives the most depression and then either add or subtract one-quarter pound as I make progress. I always re-weigh the trigger each time I re-cock my gun. Am not saying that this is the way it is supposed to be done, I use this technique because it offers me the needed confidence to defend my trigger action whenever the need arises. If you ever need to take a stand in testifying, consistency will be your best ally. This is what I did to slip through the grip of some crazy lawyers. You need to do the same to avoid getting yourself into a huge mess.

You have now been given all you need. An excellent and affordable trigger with short reach specially designed for the likes of us who are “digitally challenged.” Currently, I have this trigger installed on three of my Glocks. I must say that it feels smooth handling this trigger. You can “test the waters if you like” but you just have to give it a try. As a parting word, stay safe and alert, and you can be sure of having an incredible Glock trigger.