EOTech 552 Review

EOTechEOTech has been manufacturing weapon sights for 20 years or so, and that is their most affordable model which is also night vision-compatible. The EOTech 552 is one of EOTech’s most popular holographic sights. It’s utilized by military personnel, cops, and government agents.

Even though its primary designation is for military/police use, John Q. Citizen is very fond of this site. Civilians enjoy the many benefits that this sight brings with it.

The EOTech 552 sight is meant for close to mid-range encounters, and it works like every other holographic sight. A laser beam is utilized to project an image. This image is the reticle which the shooter sees in the holographic window. In this instance, the reticle is that of a red dot and ring. The ring is fantastic for close-quarter battle situations, and the dot is there to be used in long-range engagements. There are adjustment dials for windage and elevation, and there’s also a dial for toggling brightness intensity settings.

EOTech 552 Specs

Magnification – 1x
Dimensions (Length/Width/Height) – 5.6 x 2 x 2.5 inches
Weight – 11.1 oz
Illumination – laser
Eye relief – unlimited
EOTech 552 holographic sight

EOTech 552 holographic sight
Batteries – 2 AA (lithium, alkaline, rechargeable)
Battery life –
Lithium: approximately 1,000 continuous hours (setting 12, room average temperature)
Alkaline: approximately 600 continuous hours (setting 12, room average temperature)
Submersible to 33 feet
Fog-resistant coasting on the lens
20 daylight settings + 10-night vision settings for compatible devices (Gen I – III+)
Mounts onto 1 inches Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail
Anti-reflection coating on external surfaces of the display window
Automated battery check indicator on startup

Note: this sight is available in one other model – the 552.XR308 – which is meant especially for use with the M240 machine gun. If you buy this model, ensure you adhere to the suggested firearm platform and configuration. More details can be seen at EOTech’s web site.

The 552 is most likely probably the most user-friendly sights you could choose to work with. The buttons are accessible and easy to manipulate. they’re utilized to turn the device on and off, and also to transition between daylight and night vision settings.

Once you set the zero – that’s it. It’ll not budge, and it’ll not move. This optic provides a wide field of view, quick target acquisition, and – as opposed to other red dot sights – no light gets projected onto the target itself. With the EOTech holographic sight, you don’t get tunnel vision, light distortion, or blind spots. Just a nice, brightly-lit reticle.

The 552’s hood is made of sturdy, durable aluminum, and it protects the holographic window wherein the reticle pattern is embedded. The housing of this optic has to be capable to take some punishment since it’s designated for military and law enforcement use. The 552’s adjustment dials are sunken in, so there’s no danger of snagging anything when you’re on the move.

EOTech test all their products before producing them. The army puts these devices through their very own tests and trials, even before giving them the green light and approving them for installation among armed forces. The stacks on this view are substituted with the best of ease. Lift the cover, then remove the batteries, insert new ones, and snap that cover back on. As I said – easy to use. It runs on regular AA alkaline batteries, which may be purchased basically everywhere. Lithium is preferred, however, for optimum, long-term performance. Mounting the 552 is amazingly fast and easy.

As I said – easy to use which is it. All that’s left is at zero the view. No special tools needed, with the exception of something which may be utilized left is at zero the view. The view has an automatic shutdown feature, which may be utilized sight has an auto shutdown feature, which within two ways: Turning on the view can cause the device to shut down 8 hours after the latest cause the device to shut down 8 hours after the maximum. Turing on the apparatus with the DOWN button – this can cause the sight to automatically shut off after 4 hours.

Maintaining this device involves replacing the batteries if necessary and cleaning the battery compartment, and also it is exterior housing. This may be done with any fabric. No lube, oil, or type of cleaner should be used because they may harm the sight’s functionality. Cleaning the sight’s surface is essential. Lens/glass cleaning fluid is the way to get the best results. Never clean the glass with a paper towel or dry fabric. Always ensure you use something damp for cleaning the surface. There’s no need to lubricate the sight’s moving parts. They’ve been permanently lubricated at the factory and trying To lubricate them could render the optics useless.

EOTech products are made in the U.S. and come with a limited 2-year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship. EOTech will replace or fix the item, depending upon the issue at hand. The manufacturer has suggested the retail price for this product is $569, however it may be found for less than that in place online and offline. Therefore, the most important thing is this: should you want a short to middle range sight, but don’t want to compromise on the quality or credibility by simply buying an inferior product or affordable clone such as knockoff – the EOTech 552 could be the sight you’re looking for.

These devices cost a lot, but they’re worthwhile. Do your research, ask around, and find out what you’ll be utilizing your sight for. Do that first, because this sight won’t match each and every application. Should you feel the 552 is the sight for you – simply go ahead and order it. It’ll not let you down.