Eotech 552. XR308 Review

Eotech 552. XR308 weapon sight for 308 weapons. The Eotech 552. XR308 Holographic Weapon Sight is specially configured with a bullet drop in reticle to make the majority of the longer range and heavier hitting 308 Winchester cartridge utilized by sniper and designated marksman rifles like the Mk 11 Mod 0, M14, Mk14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle, M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle and M110 Semi-Automated Sniper System or machine guns like the M240 and Mk48 series. The reticle on the XR308 red dot sight enables accuracy out to the distance at which targets can be recognized. To expand this range from several hundred meters an Eotech G23.

FTS 3x magnifier can be mounted behind the HWS. This can be used with Aimpoint or Eotech sights and sticks to the side to allow the use of the HWS at close quarters. The Eotech 552. XR308 HWS uses the most recent solid-state electronic technology. No less than 20 brightness levels enable the Eotech 552. XR308 to adapt to some light conditions. The battery check indicator, up/down brightness scrolling and auto shutdown is controlled by an onboard microprocessor. The electronics are protected by encapsulation in an impact absorbing resin compound. The holographic patterns are visible in almost any light, center instinctively regardless of the weapon held, and remain visible when sweeping the target area.

Reticles are large and transparent to ensure the fastest possible involvement without obscuring the target. The HWS uses a fighter jet design Heads-Up Display which eliminates the obstructions and limited angle of vision associated with some other types of red dot sight. Vs red dot this is the key benefit. The controls don’t detract from the Eotech 552. XR308 housing and nothing obstructs the perspective of the target place. You keep both eyes open while shooting, ensuring full situation consciousness and rapid involvement of risks. Partially blocked Eotech sighting windowPartial obstruction of the window won’t prevent aiming. At the unlikely event that the window has been shattered the Eotech will remain functional.

So long as you can tell through any part of the window, the entire sighting pattern will be visible on the target and you may shoot right. Aimpoint vs. Eotech Aimpoint is simpler to prevent being obstructed with its turn, but an up Eotech 552 scope cover is available from GG&G. The Eotech 552. XR308 Holographic Weapon Sight was tested in the most extreme conditions and will execute consistently and in any operational environment. It’s proof against fog water, shock, and extremes of temperature. The HWS was subjected to army drop tests and always remain operational and maintained its zero. Other tests used a recoil simulator to subject the view to 3, 500 Gs of acceleration in under 0.5 milliseconds as well as chambers simulating different environmental conditions.

The HUD is made of Prime, 3/16 &, thick, three coating, shatterproof laminate glass for extreme durability. For additional protection, a rocky roll pub hood covers the visual components of the sight. The Eotech 552. XR308 doesn’t work any radiation or give off any observable signature. Even Gen III night vision can’t detect any signature from this view. View of Eotech 552 buttons. The HWS is fully compatible with all generations of night vision equipment and includes no brightness settings to cater for NV equipment and conditions. A typical installation would entail a detachable or swing image intensifier behind the HWS, however, the Eotech 552.

XR308 can be set behind NV apparatus without creating bloom and is acceptable for use with head-mounted NV, even with a partial cheek weld, offering the operator flexibility in employment. NV use brings the massive advantage of the HWS concept, providing 4 times more field of view compared to an Aimpoint Comp M2 and ten, as opposed to four NV compatible brightness settings. The Model 552 series was adopted by the DEA, ATF and Federal Bureau of Investigation SWAT and is probably the most famous Holographic Weapon Sight. This site is NV harmonious and uses readily available AA batteries. The Eotech 552. XR308 was adopted by the Stryker Brigade along with the 10th Mountain, and 3rd infantry divisions. It’s been shown in the most rugged conditions, project a wide range of missions on the most strong military weapons.