EOTech EXPS2-0 Review

EOTech products are widely used by military and police, but besides this they also have a large civilian following. Therefore, it is no surprise that the new EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight is right now one of the most discussed weapons that can be found on the market. The producers have paid attention to all the previous complaints, making sure to fix the issues that have been raised. Even if the opinions are divided, one can certainly say that it has made a powerful impact, filling a specific niche, and therefore it is expected to increase the sales of the company.

If you are familiar with the EOTech products, then you won’t be surprised by the plastic clamshell that is especially designed to protect it. In this way you can be sure that there isn’t caused any shipping damage. Among the many features that have been presented, you might appreciate the variable brightness, and this model has 20 settings, 12 of them being actually default brightness.

However, the trademark battery compartment that may be found in the Eotech 512 and Eotech 552 models is missing. It seems that the decision of taking it out has been made after various customers decided to complain about it. If you are wondering what is new about this model, then you should know that the producers have dropped the AA batteries, replacing them with a transverse mounted CR123. However, the two inches of rail space that are saved because of this removal are actually a big sell, especially for a certain niche that has been expecting this change. After eight hours without input, the sight will turn itself off, and if you want you can change this amount of time with four hours. Therefore, if you forget to turn it off you won’t risk to have a dead optic. Besides this, when there is 20% battery life, the reticle will start to emit signals, warning you about the amount of time you have left.

One of the best qualities is that it actually allows you a 30 yards of viewable space, which is a very large space, being able to improve the shooter’s experience. This model also enables the shooter to engage targets at different distances without having to worry about the holdover ranges. The standard reticle is a 65MOA ring, and you can get optionally a second 1MOA dot, which assures an incredible precision.

This is not a gun for beginners, and therefore you should think seriously before acquiring one. This new model has been expected by many people who are looking forward to use a better version of the old models. There are some improvements that have been made in order to satisfy the customers, and therefore it is preconized an increase demand of this EOTech EXPS2-0 Holographic Weapon Sight. As you can see, this is an important product of the year, and thus you should pay more attention to all the specifications that have been added this time.