EOTech EXPS3-0 Review

I have been wanting a brand New optics for one of my AR-15 builds for quite a while now, but really did not need to pull the trigger, so to speak, on a $500+ optic. I usually fall into the category of the individual that really does not want their optics to cost large proportion of the cost of the gun. I’ve managed to get by for 10+ years with the budget, optics in one form or another, with good success. I have purchased a lot of 200 optics and have never really had any problems. But I use them with lots attention, and I know, that if I really slammed them about, they would not last.

With all that being said, a buddy lately told me, think about your optics as a lifelong buy, not something for one particular rifle. A good optic can be moved from weapon to weapon, and fulfill several roles., That little bit of wisdom really hit home for me. I’d looked at the optics as a particular item for a particular rifle, much less A sighting system that will work on any of my platforms. All of that’s really just me attempting to talk myself into spending a ton of cash on an optic, however, it helps numb the pain a bit.

Among the first primary optics, I decided to get was an EOTech EXPS3-0. This is one of the newer, offerings by EOTech, and one that I have used before on a friends rifle. Therefore, I know exactly what to expect from them in one form or another. And from my previous experience, I usually like them, plus they’re durable, really durable. I have seen them thrown, dropped, stepped on, and slammed around in the bed of a truck. They simply keep working! If you have never had a chance to use or hold EOTech, particularly the EXPS3 models, spend some time to go to a dealer and get one in your hands.

You’ll instantly feel how well built there. But, also because of how well built there, they have a little weight for them, but you certainly know exactly what you’ve when you’ve it in your hand. Everything from the locking mechanism on the Picatinny mount to the seal on the battery compartment is well designed and feels very well made. Holo Reticles.

The EXPS3-0 has a standard EOTech Circle and Dot reticle. There are other models, like the EXPS3-2 and EXPS3-4 with a circle and two dot layout and also a point grid with points ranging from 0-300m, 400m, 500m, and 600m. I picked the EXPS3-0 since it is the model I have utilized in the past and it was comfortable with the reticle. In addition, I feel it’s the simplest type of the reticle and is easily adapted for various uses. You should use the 65 MOA ring while it might not be as accurate for holds as one of the multi-dot systems, in addition, it adapts well for CQB situations.

For many training I attend, and CQB, a simple reticle suits me best. In addition to the note, as I’ve previously mentioned in my review of the Vortex SPARC Red Dot/Holographic reticles look pixelated and blurry to me. That is due to astigmatism. In case of astigmatism, you might wish to test one of those efficiencies before you purchase it, as it could possibly be a problem for you. With the EOTech, the bigger ring around the dot may be distracting, depending upon how bad of astigmatism you have. For me personally, in low light, it is a tiny little of an issue, but it is not too bad.

During the day it isn’t bad in any way. But you should definitely check it before you invest the money, it can be a deal breaker for you. The EXPS3 uses a standard 123 battery also has a lifetime of about 600 hours at maximum luminosity. Therefore the battery needs to last much, much longer. The battery compartment can be sealed and tethered. With improved ring sealing of electronic components, EXPS3 is water-proof to 33 ft. Perfect for anybody that might want to go swimming with their gun&hellip, or if you use the rifle in adverse conditions. Some other cool features on the EOTech design are that each of the controls is easily accessible.

Among the big gripes I’ve with the budget, optics is that you usually need a wrench of some kind to adjust them get to the adjustments. On the EOTech everything is readily accessible, the brightness, night vision style, and the windage and elevation adjustments are all easily accessed, even with gloves on. Making it a cinch to make adjustments while on the scope or as the conditions you’re shooting in change. Among the worst emotions is to need to make an adjustment to your optics, however not be capable to because you do not have the right tools.

In general, these are really amazing optics, and if you do not have astigmatism, they’re better. You must necessarily check them if you’re on the market for a CQB style optic, or are searching for a fantastic upgrade. And remember, it is an investment, An EOTech will last you a really long time, maybe a lifetime, and be capable to travel with you from weapon system to weapon system.