Grip Pod V2 Review

Materials – Grip Pod v2 is another product from GPS, Limited liability business. Worth mentioning. This option is made entirely of reinforced polymer in both the grip and the thighs. It’s available in tan, black, or olive drab green. The grip is more ergonomically shaped than others, and it’s full of grooves to deliver a secure grip. It has an extremely textured pattern on either side to fit in the palms. The legs have straight legs at the bottom of them, plus they stretch out of only under six inches to just over eight inches in length. The fast deployment button is conveniently located where the thumb would sit but is set strategically to prevent deployment.

Performance – Grip Pod V2 offers one of the most extensive selections of foregrip bipod on the online market, and we’re big fans of their V2 Grip Pod. This is undoubtedly a step up from the more basic Le Model option. The grip itself is more ergonomically shaped, and it offers multiple textures which are comparable to a pistol grip. It had been undoubtedly one of our favorites! We had been disappointed to see that the legs on this option had the specific same issue we mentioned before: they’re. There is going to be a better gravity center and balance if the legs have been more full than the legs, but we suppose it is the way it is for better storage. In either case, now this is a durable foregrip bipod.

What we say – The Grip Pod V2 is the best choice for shooters who like the grips they see on handguns. You’ll get a palm swell, a textured hold, and the fit is formed to the hands.


  • Ergonomic and textured grip
  • Compact model
  • Quick installation


  • Feet must be wider