Insights on the Sierra 7 Bipod

Snipers operate under extremely challenging environmental conditions and equally tricky positions. As many would agree, a well built bipod would certainly enhance their accuracy and precision levels by providing perfect support and stability to their rifles. With that thought in mind, Daniel Horner set about identifying the features of an ideal bipod by taking inputs from countless such snipers in the Armed forces. As a result of the intense research, the Sierra 7 Bipod was created with extremely reliable and useful features to ensure shooters get their perfect shot without much hassle.

Sierra 7 is equipped with an easy to regulate and quick to detach latch that serves to attach the bipod to any MIL spec rail. The most interesting features of the bipod are its flawless tilt and pan along with the multi-positioning capability of its legs. The bipod is manufactured in the United States. Sierra 7 bipod passed its initial test with flying colors with Horner and his teammate winning the International Sniper Competition in Georgia in the year 2012.

Sierra 7 Bipod – Characteristics

The Sierra 7 bipod has a set of hard to come by features including perfect tilt and pan with easy function and maneuverability. The pan and the tilt aspects encompass a locking mechanism that shifts from free to lock within 3/8ths of a turn. The total pan is about 90o with 45o travel in every direction. The total tilt is about 60o with 30 degrees in every direction. The pan and tilt aspects of the bipod can be effortlessly locked with the levers provided for this very purpose.

The legs when locked perpendicular to the rifle provides it an elevation of about 9 inches. They can be set up and elevated by rotating them with enough pressure from the inside. The legs have a tiny latch which when pressed down deploys it to a telescopic position. This is enabled by the inclusion of a spring in the legs. A possible drawback is the requirement of a rail to mount the Sierra 7.

Whether you need to lock the legs in a low or elevated position, Sierra 7 offers easy operability and great reliability and support to any kind of rifle together with excellent elevation of 9 inches in retraction and 12 inches in deployment. This wide elevation range enables shooters to handle almost any kind of situation and on-field positions. The locking method is speedy and easy to handle.

Sturdy, reliable and easy to operate, the Sierra 7 bipod is sure to provide that extra support and foundation to extract the maximum accuracy out of your new age rifle at all conditions and positions.