Magpul MBUS Pro BUIS and KAC Micro BUIS Iron Sights– An Evaluation

Choosing the best or at least what works best for your specific needs among scores of weapons and accessories is an arduous and extremely challenging task. Deciding between the all new Magpul MBUS Pro backup Iron Sights and the KAC (Knights Armament Company) Micro Folding backup Iron Sights is not any different. Not everybody has had the opportunity to purchase or use both yet, so here is a small assessment on the specifics and competence of both the sights to help you arrive at an informed decision on what might work best for your needs.

Front Sights

  • Build: The MBUS Pro has a complete steel non-corrosive make-up while the KAC Micro Front comes with a Steel base and an Aluminum folding body.
  • Characteristics: The MBUS Pro’s Front sight has an extremely low profile folding and is designed to eliminate use of tools for adjustments. It is also trickier to control the MBUS Pro when compared to KAC. The KAC’s Micro is also designed for tool-less adjustments and has an elevation drum with positive detents.
  • Dimensions: The KAC’s front sight is quite slender in order to enhance precision but is extremely durable while the MBUS Pro front sight post comes with a standard USGI width.

Rear Sights

  • Build: The rear sights of the MBUS Pro are pretty conspicuous in your hand due to its sturdy steel build. The surface of the rear sight is jagged to enable glare reduction.
  • Characteristics:

Peep Hole Sights: The peep hole sight of the MBUS Pro can be folded out and put away when required while that of KAC cannot be regulated to our convenience. This lack of  adjustment potential might not exactly work against the KAC as the peep hole sight adjustment is needed only when one is looking for true precision.

Windage and Elevation control: The windage control and regulation is quite simple in the MBUS Pro as it utilizes an understated knob for this purpose. While the KAC Micro has an in-built elevation dial, MBUS Pro does not.

KAC Micro BUIS is slightly more expensive than the MBUS Pro and hence comes with certain add-ons. These additional elements might not exactly figure in everybody’s want list. Overall while the KAC’s Micro is a perfect representation of the higher end market, the MBUS Pro provides fantastic value for its price and fits perfectly in the mid level market.