Magpul UBR Installation

The Utility Battle Rifle Stock (also known as UBR) from Magpul is a replacement for rifle or carbine stocks, and provides a custom level of adjustable length in terms of pull while also being able to maintain a solid and robust stock feel. The adjustability of Magpul’s latest stock allows for an entirely customizable fit that will most certainly aid in sizing any firearm to the user. The Magpul UBR comes with a Quick Disconnect (QD) mounting points and rubber buttpad in the both the rear and front of the stock. When it comes to installing or even installing new stocks, sometimes the ordeal can be a little tricky. In this article we are going to explain exactly how easy it is to customize your carbine or rifle with ease in just 5 easy to follow steps.


Step 1.

Before you begin, basic weapon safety must be followed at all times. Make sure that there is no ammunition in the chamber or magazine inserted.


Step 2.

With a weapon now empty and in safety mode, push out your firearms take down pins, and gently remove the upper from the lower. You will next need to remove the current stock from the firearm. If you have a fixed stock, be on the look out for an  upper screw situated on the buttstock. This will need to be unscrewed before removing. Once removed, the stock should easily attach. As you remove the stock, you should notice a spring and detent. This specific spring helps to keep much needed pressure on the detent, so don’t lose it!


If it’s a carbine receiver extension that you are removing, it’s recommended to use a stock wrench in order to loosen it.


For rifles stocks, the round receiver extension should be visible. Using a wrench, hold the end of the tube before turning counter clockwise to unscrew it. Hold your finger firmly over the buffer retaining pin before gently releasing it at the same time as you unscrew the receiver from the tube.


Step 3.

Now that the old receiver extension is out, thread the Magpul UBR Entry length receiver extension carefully into the firearms receiver. Keep your finger placed down firmly over the buffer retaining pin until it’s recaptured. Secure down the end of the tube and make sure it fits snuggly.


Step 4.

With the receiver extension placed in securely, take the UBR stock, and firmly press it over the receiver extension. It should be a snug fit, additional pressure may be needed in order for it to fit securely. Nevertheless it’s important when pressing the UBR into place, that you do not squash or damage the spring that is visibly sticking out from the receiver.


Step 5.

Insert the screw before tightly securing it. If you prefer to use some thread locking, now would be the best time to use a drop. And there you have it, congratulations! You have now effortlessly installed your UBR, which means that you are now ready to function test your firearm.