MagPump 9mm Loader Review

The Mag Pump magazine loader is a reasonably remarkable engineering feat. To use it, push a magazine in, ditch a box or a handful of ammo in the hopper, and start pumping the handle. It’s that simple. The ammo doesn’t need to be oriented or sorted, the loader amounts it out and puts it into your magazine in the correct orientation. In all honesty, I’m just like every other man and don’t like reading directions. Nothing was different here. I was able to place the Mag Generator together and use it without doing anything with the courses besides transferring them out from the manner.

The Mag Pump loader is made of injection molded plastic and stainless steel parts. The base is detachable so that it may be screwed or clamped to a plank or workbench and after that rapidly reattached using the two toolless hand knobs. The top of the hopper may also be removed for easy storage or traveling in a range tote by pulling two stainless steel pins.

The entire loader feels substantial and well built. It may make me happy that the unit is formed in the United States which Mag Pump provides no Questions Asked Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

The hopper is capable of handling up to 50 rounds of ammo. The unit tested is fresh for 2018 and loads 9mm into pistol magazines. Certainly, PCC shooters that use high capacity Glock magazines would save a ton of work and time.

Whilst the Mag Loader is a cool accessory to have, you’ll need to be putting rounds downrange to actually “desire ” one of those units. Gun enthusiasts, competition shooters, army units, and cops, may all benefit from time saved loading magazines. Among the significant benefits is not having sore palms from pushing rounds into magazines. The more you shoot and load, the more likely it’s that you will need a Mag Pump.

I tested the unit to see just how fast you can load and it comes in well below one round per second.

The Mag Loader comes along with different magazine retainers and allowing you to load the following magazines:

SIG — P320, P224, P226, P228, P229, P250, SP2022, SP2340, SP2009
Glock — All double stack 9mm Glock mags.
Smith & Wesson — All double pile M&P9 mags
Springfield Armory — All double pile XD9 and XDMOD2 9mm mags
CZ United States — P10 Orange Follower
Ruger — SR9, SR9C, 9E