Nightforce BEAST Questions

One of the best riflescopes that you can find on the market today, the Nightforce Beast has earned a stellar reputation as one of the best multi-purpose scopes for the US military which includes the Navy SEALs and law enforcement departments around the US. The history and use of the Beast scope is one that certainly has helped make it one of the most trusted that can be found today.

The History of the Nightforce Beast

Warfare has changed for snipers over the years as they must engage with targets are must further away than ever before. This means that they require optics of greater quality, better accuracy and proper identification so that the right target can be selected. The US military asked Nightforce Optics to produce a scope that could meet and exceed their demands and the Beast was the result.

The Nightforce engineers worked to meet the considerable requirements and in the process actually invented new technology to achieve their results. The Beast is an acronym that stands for Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology. Because of the demands from the US military, the result was the Beast which is now admired around the world.

The Testing Process

Here the Beast really shined because of the rigorous testing that was performed as is typical with Nightforce scopes. The tests included submersion down to 100 feet below the surface for up to 24 hours to off-axis shifts due to recoil and exposing the scope to temperature ranges from – 160F to -80F for upwards of 60 minutes. The Beast passed all of these tests with flying colors which demonstrated the tough, durable materials used in the construction of the scope as well as the craftsmanship that put it together.

How the Beast Works

The US military has very high standards which is based on the fact that a sniper cannot miss a target for the simple reason that being off by a single inch could mean that innocents are killed instead of the real threat. The Beast works in all types of conditions so that accuracy can be maintained no matter the range of the target. The clarity of the image, contrast and resolving power of the scope is simply superb and when taken together makes for one of the most impressive scopes on the market today. The combination of US and German engineers has ensured that the optical glass is the best that can be put into a scope of this type.

The First Focal Plane

The Beast comes with the first focal plane and many shooters will agree that it provides great advantages when using it for their needs. A scope that uses the first focal plane is that all through the magnification range, the sub-tension in the reticle makes the visual proportions the same when peering through the scope. Advanced shooters prefer the first focal plane over the second because it offers better accuracy in terms of leads for windage, estimation of the range and the holdovers to the target.

All things considered, the Nightforce Beast is one very impressive scope that should be a part of your equipment.