Samson Evolution Series 12″ Rail

Samson Manufacturing has deliver a new lightweight rail in the “ Samson Evolution Series.” This is good news for civilian gun enthusiasts who had decided that the weight of a quad rail was a little too much. This new tubular style rail delivers all the functionality of the quad without the excess baggage. If you include the heatsink on this rail, the total weight comes in at a mere 11 ounces which is about as light as it gets. A full-length 1913 spec rail can be found on top, as well as a pair of drop-in sections. These allow you to add a light or a VFG, as well as having the option of additional rail sections if needed.

Installing the rail is about as easy as it gets, as long as you remember that there is a specific way to install the heatsink pieces. This is done by cutting off the Delta ring cap, removing the spring, and then pushing the heatsink pieces in place. Make sure that the half-circle portion is on the bottom and that the full circle is on top of the gas tube. Doing it the other way round means that the tube will not be able to slide over them properly. Once the rail is as it should be, it just a matter of tightening a couple of screws and you are done.

If you are looking to discard some of the excess weight on your weapon, this rail is a great way to make it happen. The $175 price tag isn’t really much to ask in that case.


The incredibly lightweight and durable Samson Evolution Series is the next big step in free floating AR-15 handguards. The Evolution series is perfect for all kinds of shooters, including Military personnel and weekend warriors. Most shooters will love the comfort of the 1.8” facetted O.D. You weapon can be customized to suit your needs thanks to the ease of adding and removing accessory rails. This particular version of the Evolution Series


  • The thermal bushing locks onto the stock barrel nut
  • No special tools required for installation
  • The inside diameter is large enough to fit most suppressors (1.56”)
  • Continuous mil spec top rail
  • Duel anti rotation tabs
  • Relieved for most gas piston systems
  • Thermal Bushings helps reduce heat transfer to hand guard
  • Tube Matl 6010 T6, Bushing Matl. 303 Stainless
  • Mil-spec Hard coat Anodized
  • Weight: 11.0oz w/Heatsink
  • Length: 12.37″
  • Rails Included: QD Swivel Socket, 2 Inch Rail, 4 Inch Rail
  • Standard AR-15 barrel nut required; not included.