Superlative Arms Reviews

I have taken a thorough look at both the DI and piston products from Superlative Arms. This new “bleed-off” design brings some real advantages to the table.
– Michael Bell

Outstanding customer service. It was fast and above, and beyond any other experiences, I’veI’ve had with any other company. They will have a repeat customer from now on. Thank you, Toney.
– John Senior

Within the last month, I ran an adjustable piston Kit build for an NRA instructor course and Carbine-II at Storm Mountain Training Center, and it only needed a few drops of oil during thousands of rounds. Keep up the excellent work!

Hans Gehman

Flawless product with the perfect operation! I ordered online. They emailed me, saying,’ it’d be fucking months until they were able to catch up with demand. A few weeks later, just after Veterans Day, I noticed a reduced charge (military discount) on my card. I honestly think a bunch of these guys just got drunk and bumped up my order ���
– Mark Morales

Huge thank you to Tony R. and Superlative Arms. I was having an issue with my piston kit, and Tony at Superlative Arms got it all sorted out for me. Thanks again. I recommend using the Superlative Arms.

Bryan Wiard

Put everything together correctly; it failed to cycle the rifle. After getting it to start to run, the part on the AR-15 gas block for bleed off ejected itself out of the gas block. Tried to call support an hour before the closing and got no answer on any extensions of any kind will never try this company until parts are replaced

Josh Forslund

Piston kit is fantastic, great instructions and very well made parts… I would put their bcg up there with some that cost more than the entire piston kit…great purchase and easy way to tune your gas system for any reason you may have. Less recoil…suppresor…cycling issues… etc. Once I broke mine in and tuned it, the gun changed to a whole new gun…This system with the right setup as far as buffer and muzzle device will give you a competition type smoothness
– Barrett Grubb

I had some issues with the gas port measurements on a PWS barrel, which affected the ar piston kit performance. Tony had me send in two uppers that I had problems with and cut me a rod that would work on both uppers. He worked out a good deal for me. He answered every question I had and never made it seem like I was bothering him. Even after hours. Fresh products and excellent customer service. Facebook messenger has been the best bet if you can get them on the phone or Email. It’sIt’s a small growing company.

Brandon Box

I have run many of AR piston kit systems from LWRC to pws….and hands down this are the most advanced system….clean running..smooth ..solid built…and most of all lightweight…. the key to the success of this system is the patented bleed off. All the excess gas and heat are all bleed off through a forward exhaust port… which means no heat transfer from the barrel to the rail. No gloves needed on this system. I shot 3-30 round mags consecutively in full auto with an LWRC 10.5in… I could not hold the track due to the heat… I ran the same style upper in full auto with an Superlative arms adjustable gas piston system. The only hot thing was the compensator. I’veI’ve never experienced a system run like this in my 35 years of shooting. I would recommend this to every shooter. And for the guys that are direct impingement fanatics. They also make an Adjustable Gas Block with the bleed off. This as well outperformed my expectations. Mr. Russo, thank you for the most beautiful piston system on the market.

Rob Mccue

Phenomenal customer service and very high-quality parts! I recommend this company if you’re you’re looking to take your build to the next level!! I certainly will be using them again for all of my future projects.
– Garrett Thomas

Have my AR mostly assembled? Superlative AR piston Kit assembly fits right under BBM KMR Keymod free-float rail, which has low clearance, (BCM even has not for piston systems on the website). Weighs about the same as a DI counterpart. Assembly was simple. Waiting on enough money to buy optics to take it to the range.

Ed Watson

Ordered a Superlative Arms piston kit in April of 2019, and still, haven hasn’t received it. Have tried talking to customer service and was told they had a bad batch of bolt carrier groups. I like the company and their products as people I know have them and I know they work flawlessly. But after being told a month wait and now two and a half weeks after that I’mI’m just quite frustrated. I’veI’ve called customer service before, and its a chore to even get someone on the phone as all extensions go to voicemail, and people rarely ever pick up. Its quite a shame as I love their products but this has been so frustrating as there was no warning on their website about any delay in orders as well as no updates on continued delays via Email to me since I have already paid in full $302.79. The only reason I didn’tdidn’t give one star is that I know they make the right products, but the customer service in itself is just bad business, and it’sits quite a shame since its a company where its products are made in the USA. So disappointing……

Brandon Tegey

I ordered a mid-length kit from brownells, and it was missing the op rod. After a less than a stellar conversation with Brownell’s customer service, I called sup arms, and nick immediately mailed me a replacement. I was shocked to find a company that still believes in excellent old fashioned customer service. Thank you for making my experience as pleasant as possible!
PS- the rifle functions correctly, and I’mI’m impressed by the quality, especially at your price point! A+ company- I will buy direct next time.
– Matt DeLozier

These piston conversion kits are AWESOME. They run cleanly and flawlessly. Nick had replied quickly to every Email I had sent even when I had stupid questions. They’reThey’re a popular kit as they are out of stock and on backorder, but they’re worth waiting for. Superlative Arms is one of those companies that you want to see succeed.

Scott Taylor

In February and again in April, I emailed SupArms and asked some basic questions about their piston kits. I never received a reply. I figured that my emails must have gotten lost somewhere or placed in the junk box. I still wanted to try a kit on my Aero M4E1 build, so two weeks ago, I purchased the carbine kit and submitted my Military/LE credentials via Email. I waited a week and didn’tdidn’t hear anything back about my credentials and the discount, so I called their sales line and left a voicemail asking for a return call. I waited another week, and still, haven hasn’t heard anything back, by phone or Email. My order hasn’thasn’t moved, and they still haven’thaven’t charged my account. I called again today and was directed, again, to a voicemail system. I was looking forward to using this kit, but this poor customer service will drive me to use my money elsewhere.

Pappa Tee