The Samson Evolution Series 9 EX Rail

For many years, Samson Manufacturing has been creating many sights, rails and other AR-15 accessories and its family of weapons. However, the new Evolution series represents a new direction for Sampson and it truly stands apart from their previous creations.

The new Samson Evolution 9-EX tube-style rail is crafted from 6010 Aluminum and weighs a mere 9.2 ounces. The rail extends past the front sight base or FSB with mid-length gas system that is secured by thermal brushing and anti-rotation tabs which are locked onto the stock barrel nut.

Installation and Use of the Sampson Evolution Series

To install this new tube-style rail is fairly simple as there are manuals and step-by-step videos that demonstrate the process. Or, you can select a carbine gas system barely and place it on a folding front sight block which will fill in the space. In particular, the cut-out rail section will also allow for piston systems to be used. The price is roughly $185 which places it in the middle area of prices for a one piece free-float tubular rail. This is particular true since the overall quality of materials and design are of high order.

1913 rail pieces come with the Sampson Evolution kit and allows you to use the sections where you see fit. You can keep the rails off and use a lighter rail which feels more comfortable in the hand and the traditional quad rail system. The overall quality of the materials shows up in the durability of the rails themselves. They remain tight over time and use with the screws staying in place even after repeated firings.

A thread locker for the primary bolts adds some weight to the piece, but not enough to be detrimental. The new Samson Evolution series also seems to find that middle ground when it comes to the tubular rails that are not too thin or thick for effective use.

How the Samson Evolution Series Looks

From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, the Sampson Evolution Series presents some good looking rails, indeed. The precise angles give a great impression about the tubes and compliment the weapon nicely. While the aesthetics may seem a minor point, it is important to many people that their weapon looks good, clean and ready to go.

It is true that with any bare rail it will get hot after a few firings, but the large surface area and cooling slots are more than sufficient to disperse the heat quickly. The thermal brushings assist in removing the heat from the barrel which in turn allows for more comfort in firing the weapon.


There is little doubt that the Samson Evolution Series represents the future in terms of free-floating hand guards in a lighter-weight design that is very durable indeed. They offer the perfect upgrade for shooters who enjoy using their weapon on the target range or in competition. Plus, the 1.8” facetted OD offers a very smooth, comfortable platform for shooting that is just the right size for most shooters.

The Samson EVO 9-EX is arguably the best on the market today and provides plenty of incentives for shooters to improve their weapon.