Trijicon MRO Review

The Trijicon MRO (Mini Rifle Optic) is an all American-made, robust and completely sealed tactical reflex sight. It was developed with the planned use on carbines, rifles and shotguns. It offers a clear 2 MOA red dot reticle via lens coatings and state-of-the-art electronic equipment. The reticle location is flexible in MOA increments and supplies 70 MOA of complete adjustment in both windage and elevation.

Big objective lens and the short overall length of the MRO supply increased situational awareness along with rapid target acquisition – particularly from nonstandard shooting position.

The MRO supplies eight brightness adjustments, two to be used together with night vision devices, and one super-light setting. On setting 3 (5 of 8), the provided CR2032 lithium battery will supply five years of constant-ON operation.

The top-mounted brightness control knob is made specifically for versatile use. With a mid-position “OFF” setting, it offers fast and ergonomic adjustments.
Completely shielded adjusters that maintain zero even during harsh treatment are featured by the MRO. Covers are not required by the adjusters, and could be controlled without specific tools. MRO’s hard-anodized, forged, 7075T6 aluminum casing is completely sealed and watertight, providing the greatest durability in demanding conditions.

MRO Adjustment Knob

The illumination adjustment knob is completely ambidextrous. Unlike a lot of other layouts, the shooter will not have to reach over the very top of the red dot sight or have to break the firing hold to be able to correct for brightness strength while in a firing position.

The knob features just 180-levels of traveling for a more rapid throw in dialing up or down the brightness level. The knob was given a rough knurling for a simple, tactile handle. The knob is utilized to choose one of six complete observable illumination settings and two night vision (N/n) settings. They may be marked in white and an “OFF” dot is put between the “2” and “3” illumination settings for a quicker turn on time to an often useable red dot intensity level. As with many red dots, the MRO offers shooters unlimited eye relief.

MRO Casing and Adjusters

The 1/2 MOA sub-flush adjusters are designed to prevent inadvertent alteration. There are no unique tools or covers to make adjustments. The rim of a spent case could even be utilized to make an adjustment. There is 70 MOA of complete adjustment, allowing the MRO to be utilized with any caliber.
The forged 7075 aluminum casing is a better quality aluminum than that used on other micro red dot sights. It’s 80-percent more powerful than extruded 6061. The end result is a shockproof housing and reflects the same building as the ACOG.

MRO Size and Mounts

The footprint of the MRO competes favorably against the size of the other popular micro red dots. The optic measures 2.6 inches in length and weighs just 4.1 oz. Trijicon’s discretionary low 1/3rd and complete co-witness mount is accepted by the mounting foot underneath the optic witness mounts. Also, LaRue Tactical has developed a throw-lever mount that will co-witness with the majority of backup sights and will certainly be a favorite aftermarket accessory.

MRO Lens and Reticle

The most easily noticeable difference between other red dot sights and the MRO is the big objective lens, which measures 25mm. This leads to decreased “tube effect,” an unparalleled field of view and enhanced situational awareness. Actually, the MRO presents a viewing area that’s 44-percent bigger than that offered by products that are similar.
The multi-coated antireflective lens that is objective has substantially reduced emissions in comparison to other red dots sights. The casing is completely sealed inside and full of dry nitrogen giving fog resistance and waterproof features to it.

Pricing and Availability

The MRO is priced with an MSRP without a mount at $579 and $629 with a Trijicon mount, about $200 less than the MSRP of the Swedish-made Aimpoint Micro red dot sights. Made available from September 2015, customers should be able to find them in retail outlets by the 2015 holiday season with a relaunch anticipated to take place at the 2016 SHOT Show in Vegas, Nevada.