Why Choose Grip Pod?

If you are looking for a great piece of equipment you need not look further from what law enforcement and the military choose to use. Grip Pod makes that list easily, with is spring loaded bipod that is attached vertically to the weapon. When the bipod isn’t deployed, instead of taking up space or needing to be detached, the Grip Pod serves as an excellent vertical grip.

Typical vertical grips do not allow your rifle to be used from a sitting position, but Grip Pod is designed to allow you to do just that. Once needed as a bipod, Grip Pod will release it easily with a snap and release mechanism, saving you from the trouble of having to attach a simple bipod.

How to use your Grip Pod

The deployment of the bipod is achieved with the simple push of the large button on the grip pod’s side. This button has a rough surface so that you can press it successfully even if weather conditions are bad. Water and wind can’t stop you from getting your Grip Pod ready for action. Once turned into a bipod you can use your rifle on any surface, be it the ground or any surface at all.

As we all know a normal vertical grip offers shooting stability only when you are standing upright, while being incapable to do so when you need to shoot from a sitting or prone position, like snipers often have to. The change of the vertical grip into a perfect bipod allows you to have stability in all positions, without needing to waste time of adjusting and attaching equipment onto your weapon. The traction of the Grip Pod with the ground helps you weapon remains very stable during your aiming and firing.

What is a real Grip Pod made of?

When it comes to the materials used to make the grip pod, we have two distinct categories depending on the type of operations it is made for. Law enforcement grip pods are made out of very strong polymers; while military grip pods are made from stainless steel. Both high density polymers and stainless steel are flexible as well as durable materials to work with, because the equipment needs elasticity to withstand recoil when the weapon is fired. This difference in materials makes the military type Grip Pod costlier.

Getting an imitation Grip Pod might seem like a cheap solution at first, but it can cost you far more than money in the end, because these cheap imitations are made from weak materials and bad designs. Entrusting your life on a flimsy piece of equipment is folly, so make sure you are purchasing an authentic grip pod. There have been plenty of complaints about cheap knockoffs of grips pods breaking after only a few deployments of the bipods and wing nuts stripping off when being tightened. This would never happen with an authentic Grip Pod and this is why they are well worth their money.

Both in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, many soldiers bought grip pods for personal use and reported to be extremely pleased with them once they returned home. This made Grip Pod even more popular within the military.

Choose whether you prefer the law enforcement or military model for your personal assault rifle and enjoy the perfect combination of vertical grip and bipod. Stability in all shooting positions is what the Grip Pod promises and delivers!