3 Things to Know Before Purchasing an AR-15

Firearms are really like any other tool in that they fulfill a specific need for user. Just as a hammer is well suited to nailing boards, so too is an AR-15 well suited for target shooting, hunting or home defense. The AR-15 is a very versatile weapon that can be customized to your specific needs.

However, before you purchase one there are three things that you will want to consider if you believe the AR-15 is right for your particular needs.

Defend the Home: The size and weight of the AR-15 make it well suited for home protection thanks to the 5.56 cartridge. It’s powerful enough to stop an intruder, but does not penetrate walls and structures like rounds from pistols or the buckshot fired from a shotgun.

Hunting: For the most part, the 5.56 models are well suited for small game hunting and getting rid of small pests around the home. The Stag 15 Model 6 Rifle is well suited for smaller game while the Model 7 is better for larger game such as deer as it uses the 6.8 SPC cartridges which packs more power.

Competition: The Stag Arms Model 4 is very well suited for competitions along with the Model 6 that comes with a ½ MOA. Plus, the Model 3G is used by many competitors.

Shooting Targets: The AR-15 is an exceptional weapon when it comes to target shooting, so it’s no surprise that so many people will use this particular rifle in the hobby.

Reputation of the Company

Once you have addressed how the weapon is going to be used, the next step is determining the reputation of the company that you will purchase the AR-15. You can start with knowledgeable friends and family, but it is best to look up the information yourself and in particular read customer reviews. While even the best companies have a few negative reviews, you should be looking for patterns either positive or negative that will affect your view of the company.

In addition, be sure that the company from which you purchase the AR-15 offers a warranty and a return policy in case the weapon is defective. A company with a lifetime transferable warranty along with an infinite shot guarantee on the barrel means that under normal shooting conditions they will repair or replace your purchase even years down the line.

Obtain Proper Magazine Size

Each state has its own rules and regulations about the size of the magazine which is allowed, so be sure to double-check with your state before making a purchase that is from an out of state source.


Before you make your purchase, run down the short list of questions that need to be answered so that you get the right AR-15 for your needs.

  • Why are you purchasing this particular rifle?
  • Understand what the common purposes are for the AR-15 which include hunting, target shooting, completion and defense of the home.
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee that makes it easy to return a defective weapon?
  • Know the acceptable magazine size for your state.