Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.) for the FN MAG/M-240 and the German MG3 machine

For more than 60 years, the FN MAG/M-240 and the German MG3 have been the two most popular machine guns in the world. The FN MAG/M-240 has more than 50% of the world market in this area. The German MG3 counts for another 30% of this market. Each of these weapon utilizes a side mounted ammo box to load the weapon. These reliable and long standing systems have an antiquated, side mounted design that has plagued these weapons for years. The ammo boxes that are designed for these systems only allow 50 rounds to be inserted in the box at a time. This box is difficult to load and can take an experienced loader up to 15 minutes using a table and chair. All of the current boxes have a side mounted design which produces a bad center of gravity. The gunner must constantly keep the weapon upright to maintain the proper sight alignment. When maneuvering the box’s position protrudes into the side of the soldier. Soldiers must continually stop and reload for each 50 rounds that they shoot. When the gun is placed on the bipod the gun rotates to the left since it is unbalanced and may hinder the effectiveness of the system in combat.

The new Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.) revolutionizes the M240 weapon system. The B.A.D.S. system replaces the current ammo box under the weapon and produces a balanced center of gravity for this weapon. It also allows 125 rounds of ammo to be easily loaded by the gunner within ten seconds while in a standing or sitting position. The increased ammo capacity of the B.A.D.S enables the gunner to engage the target for up to 150% more time on target while on assault, on patrol, or in a hasty defensive position without a need to change the ammo box. Because the B.A.D.S is balanced it puts less stress on the operator and the M240 system. Unlike the current design, the B.A.D.S. ammunition deflection plate ensures spent cartridges are ejected away from the gunner.

B.A.D.S., is patented in the U.S. and much of the Free World. Available Now

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