Best Glock Trigger Connector

I went to the range with a buddy so he can fire his Beretta 92 fs. His trigger was better to my Glock and that I was covetous. Therefore when I came home, I checked this forum and googled to see what types of triggers are there for the G19. Some people here mentioned the Ghost trigger. I found that DSI offered a ghost trips on their site, so I took a visit down to them. The gentleman behind the desk pulled out the Ghost 3.5 connector, a Ghost Evo Elite 3.5, along with also an Ghost Evo Elite 3.5 complete.

The comprehensive kit had springs while the other two had only the connector. I asked what the distinction was between the Ghost 3.5 along with the Ghost Evo Elite. He could not give me a sincere answer at the moment, and the price difference was about 10 dollars. I opted to go with the Evo Elite kit. Once I came home, I found out the difference was important. The Ghost 3.5 is a drop-in connector bit, as well as The Evo Elite complete not just comes along with new springs, but additionally needs modification to the connector so that you can eliminate more than the travel of the trigger.

So the primary distinction is overtravel prevention plus it needs modification. Fortunately, ghost inc’s site has instructions. Ghost advocate the usage of their installation kit that contains a sliding bit that is new for fitting along with a Glock tool. I HIGHLY recommend this setup kit. After installing everything, the cause felt terrific. So mild and predictable.with one exception. The trigger wouldn’t reset as Glock should. The following roundfired when the trigger was released! If my finger was only right on the trigger, it went full auto. I rapidly emailed Ghost to determine what was wrong. Oliver called me.

We talked about Glocks for some time, and he explained although rare, this does occur in a few blocks. He advised I substitute the activate itself with a bar and block where the connector matches. After ordering these components from ghost and installing them, I’d be the same problem. Spoke with Oliver and he mailed me a different connector. Free he delivered me the Ghost Pro 3.3. He explained it was a different design and will be even lighter than the Evo Elite. Following a week it came from the mail, and today I modified it to work in my gun.

HOLY hot damn. WHAT a trigger that is wonderful. It is a lot better than the Evo Elite, and it resets as it should. I Strongly suggest to ANYONE with Glock’s head and pick up the Ghost Pro 3.3 with installation kit. A Combination of the springs, tools, and the pro connector will turn any Glock into another animal. I love this, and I learned about Glock interns of this.

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