DELTAC “Slingshot” Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake Review

The DELTAC “Slingshot” Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake is a fixed pattern with a good reputation. DELTAC is an American firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. This muzzle brake for the Mosin Nagant generally comes in a complete thread kit which helps cut on a 15mmx1 right-hand thread on the barrel. Even though the DELTAC manual anticipates an advanced ability level for the installation, we recommend hiring a competent gunsmith who’ll ensure concentricity and clearance in the exit pit. This tough brake is made of high quality 4140 steel and finished in black oxide. It’ll offer a significant reduction in arc growth and recoil.

The brake includes three ports on every side to divert the gases laterally while three additional holes at the top guide the gases up to reduce muzzle climb. This muzzle brake weighs 3 ounces and measures 2.5 inches long. The kit contains the very simple TAT with a two long stem.5 die handle and jam nut.