Lightest AR-15 Handguard in the World from Brigand Arms

AR-15 handguards (Brigand Arms) are created from carbon fiber tubes that are braided and a defensive jacket covers it. They are more powerful than you might anticipate, due to their airy, mesh pattern.

Somehow, it is in actual fact, the whole airspace you are investing money on. These tough boys are handguards whose lightness is unmatched. They have 15″ Edge, without rails and model clocking in at 3.9 ounces which is amazing. Despite this, it will sustain a weight of 100 points in whatever direction.


An enormous loom braids these carbon tuber tubes of T700 round a mandrel. 6061 aluminum end caps that are hard anodized are included also. The muzzle cap is available either without decoration or with a quad rai which is short, for accessory mounting.

This quantity of air space facilitates brilliant barrel cooling. The SHOT Show booth for Brigand consists of a handguard with a weight of 40lb suspended at its edge and its rigidity is extremely obvious. Again, it is going to contain pull energy of 100 lbs on the edge of the muzzle without a problem and compressive energy of 400 lbs along its length.