Magpul Iphone Case Review

iPhone 6 Case which is the Most Ideal at the Moment…Magpul Field Case

Normally, we do not make postings here about non-gaming accessories; however, we have carried out some research (I have, at least) for the most ideal case for the latest iPhone 6.

I take great care in regard to my electronics; I might have personally dropped numerous iPhones severally, but have been fortunate to have never broken a screen or truly led to anything worse than a tiny scrape or graze.

The issue is the quantity of silly individuals I recognize personally who have broken screens which I have seen. They have made me paranoid and I fear that lack of utilization of a case signifies a cracked screen; it’s an issue of when not if.

My Experience with Phone Covers

I had Speck CandyShell for my iPhone 6 and adored it a lot. When iPhone 5S was launched and Apple presented their line of leather cases, I changed to those.

It provided all I was fond of about CandyShell, as it enclosed the entire device and offered a great front lip; therefore, when you place the phone with the screen down on a table, it rests on the case, not the screen. In addition, the leather makes it easily glide inside your pocket and out.
When iPhone 6 was presented, I searched for the same thing. Particular features I looked for were:

  • It provides great drop shield without making it heavy.
  • Each phone’s corner is enclosed, such as the elevated lip at the front, mentioned earlier.
  • It is created from a fabric which does not lead to excessive rubbing in the pocket for simple extraction.
  • Has a lovely appearance.

On the day of launch, just cases for Apple iPhone 6 were accessible. In the end, I selected a silicon and leather assortment. The two were fine; however, none provided a feeling of providing sufficient shield.

Also, even though this might not be important, I truly was not fond of the entire phone’s bottom which was showing in the design of Apple. In regard to pocket capability, the leather case tugged in front of the Silicone one.

The case for Apple silicon presents a feeling which is much similar to other cases created from the same fabric; it can barely be gripped sufficiently to make it latch on to your jeans’ pocket lining when you put it inside and remove it. It did not provide an extra grip in your hands; therefore this ‘quality’ was somehow irritating.

Disappointed with Apple’s products, I proceeded to iPhone 6 Speck CandyShell since I had wonderful encounters with earlier generation varieties. It was really fascinating the extent of inadequacy of the current year’s Candyshell.

Firstly, the rear curves out, therefore, is not level. This allows you to very practically rotate your phone similarly to a top. The length of time your phone is going to spin is amusing, even at the gentlest motion. Apart from this, the fabrics utilized by Speck this time are simply poor.

The rear plastic grazed so effortlessly after two days; the CandyShell of my iPhone 6 appeared shoddier compared to my iPhone 5 CandyShell, following one year of utilization. The rubber that forms the front lip and button projections is hilariously grippy; so much so that it led to excessive rubbing with my pocket that when I removed it, coatings of rubber were flaking off.

Funny enough, I sent an email to Speck support in connection with this; they suggested sending me a substitute but cautioned me that it was possible it would contain similar ‘features’ due to the formation procedure they are currently utilizing.

Therefore, I threw away my iPhone 6 CandyShell to my rubbish drawer.

Searching around for other innovative styles was not productive. Otterbox is selling cases that are totally Otterbox and at all times I kept away from them because:

  • Firstly, I am not simply searching for a case to save my phone from accidentally falling at times, but to utilize it as a hockey puck.
  • Secondly, I found the split to display the Apple Logo very cheap.

This disqualified many other cases also. The  Spigen Style Armor appeared capable; however, the top and bottom sections are joined just by rubbing which is not an effective answer since like previously, in the end it means utilizing  a section of tape to join them together which appears too junky.

Apart from those, a lot of other accessory creators appear to be utilizing the precise similar style for a firm snap on a plastic case. If you have examined cases by Michael Kors or other cases of ‘designer variety’ cases at Target, Apple store or others, you will possibly be aware of precisely what I am discussing.

All of them are similar cases, with a varied design written on them. This is okay if you like Kate Spade, Michael Kors or others; it is not if you desire a real iPhone case.  Let down by what is being sold by everyone else and still searching for the ideal case, I caught this post  on MacRumors for Magpul Field Case (also present for 6 Plus).
I thought, does it really matter since if have spent more than $100 currently looking for an iPhone case I am fond of; therefore, is $17 going to make a difference? Now that I consider it, this may even have been the most affordable case I have purchased so far.

About Magpul and It’s Awesome iPhone Case

In case you are not familiar with Magpul, this should not be a concern; I also wasn’t. They create all kinds of accessories for firearm and PMAG rifle magazine is their original product line. I do not really like guns or anything to do with guns, generally; but, why not?  I am possibly on a kind of list currently, due to making an order from them!

It appears that PMAG is made great due to the kind of plastic it is created from, which is similar fabric they utilize on Field Case.

Around a week after this, it arrived through FedEx and I love it. I adore this case so much that I am posting about it on TouchArcade. It analyses each box of what I was searching for in an iPhone case to a level that overwhelms me. It is attractive, thinner compared to CandyShell and feels like the ideal solution in regard to not being really concerned if my phone drops from my desk and not being absurd like an Otterbox.

It wraps each section of the phone, has speaker openings, lightning port as well as headphone jack.  The elevated lip on the case’s front is a lot

larger, compared to the Apple cases; therefore, putting the phone facing down is okay.

In regard to Magpul Field Case, grip is provided by two factors;

  • The grid projections which offer you something to hold.
  • The plastic’s feel is similar to fine grit sandpaper.

This ends up in a wonderful grip in your hand, without it tugging on your pocket. It glides inside your pocket and out like a naked iPhone and feels ample in your hand.

The side buttons of the Magpul Field Case has been designed in a way that they efficiently have plastic hinges they utilize which makes altering the volume of your phone and locking it amazingly easy for this type of case.

It appears beautiful also. I love all olive green items; it is apparently not accessible anymore. However as they have just been released, I think it is simply a problem of accessibility.

Searching on Amazon indicates all kinds of other colors for devices of past generation. I emailed enquiring whether other colors are available and was just promised ‘soon.’ In case you do not desire to order straight, you can select them anywhere Magpul products are sold.

Therefore, this is the one time in TouchArcade’s history that we are going to finalize an article by advising you to get in touch with your gun shop in the locality!