Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sights – Counterfeit Warning

Counterfeiting has become a major problem in the gun accessories business, which has prompted Magpul Industries Corp. to file trademark infringement lawsuits against any individual or business attempting to sell counterfeit Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sights that would be in violation of the company trademarks.

The Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sights are not even readily available in the marketplace yet. As of yet, there isn’t even an expected release date for the sights.

The lawsuit alleges that the majority of the Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sights for sale were to be found on eBay and The quality of the Magpul brand, which they covet highly, is very much at stake, which is why they are going after the perpetrators in such a fashion. The Magpul brand is one that is safe and innovative, which are traits the company would like to preserve.

Duane Liptak, Director of Product Management and Marketing for Magpul Industries, spoke on the subject, saying that consumers who invest in Magpul accessories expect a certain level of quality and safety. He essentially said that the number of counterfeit AR-15 sights on the market at the moment isn’t only harmful to the brand, they also have the potential to be harmful to the people who purchase them. Liptak said that the potential for real harm becomes all the more likely when someone ends up getting a counterfeit accessory that they believes to be a genuine Magpul piece. He specifically mentioned military and law enforcement officers who could be put in real danger when the counterfeit item failed to work in the way that a genuine Magpul sight would. Liptak said that the company is totally committed to making sure that these counterfeit goods be removed from the market so that customers get nothing but the quality that they expect from a Magpul product.

The lawsuit is proof that Magpul is prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that the integrity of their brand is kept intact. Not only are they working hard to make sure that their intellectual property and distribution rights are protected, they are also making sure that the consumer is spared any potential harm that may come from purchasing a counterfeit Magpul MBUS Pro Back-Up Sight, or any other of their products. This is definitely not an attempt to make money, as the cost of the lawsuit will outweigh any monetary recovery that may come as a result of it.

Magpul has been in business since 1999 and have developed a reputation as being one of the true innovators in the gun accessory business. That they have been able to grow and flourish during that time is a sure sign of the trust that the consumer has placed in the Magpul brand.