Magpul MOE Grip Review

Magpul MOE Grip Review

When it comes to the Magpul MOE Grip and MOE+ grip, there are some differences when it comes to their overall performance despite the numerous similarities.

MOE Grip

The MOE grip offers good texturing in the front and rear of the AR15 grip that provides greater tactile feel as well as a surface less prone to slippage which may occur when exposed to the elements. There is also texturing on the side which is not only increases the tactile sensation, but works well with the overall solid color of the grip.

In addition, there is a hook at the top of the grip which also adds to the overall style of the grip, making it distinctive and attractive while offering a place to set on top of the space between the thumb and index finger. There are differences between the texturing of the factory standard grip which is less subtle and more intrusive. In this comparison, it will depend in large part on your personal tastes as to which works better for you.

At the bottom of the MOE grip is a tab that releases the bottom of the grip so that you can store items inside. Naturally, the items will have to be small in nature, but it does work well as a hidden compartment even if the tab is somewhat sticky and can be difficult to release. Plus, you can purchase different cores that have attachments so you can place other items in them.

MOE+ Grip

In essence, the MOE+ grip is virtually the same as the MOE in terms of shape, size, and color. The major difference is that the grip has a rubber covering that makes it similar in feel to the Hogue grips. The good news is that the tacky texture which makes gripping the item even better than the standard MOE. For those who are out in the elements where it is difficult to get a firm grip on the MOE, the added rubber covering helps considerably.

However, there is an issue with the MOE+ that makes it a little annoying. There is some of the fraying of the rubber at the connection points where it may start to peel away or come off the grip in the future.

The Differences between both Grips

The MOE+ has a solid texture as compared to the stippling effect of the MOE. The color difference is very slightly different with the MOE+ rubber covering is slightly lighter. The MOE is somewhat thinner which is expected, but the MOE+ does look better and for those with bigger hands may work better and feel more comfortable.

If you have smaller hands, you might prefer the MOE as it is thinner. However, it does not have the tacky feel of the MOE+. Another smaller issue is that the OD green shade of the MOE+ is slightly different not only to the MOE, but also the other Magpul products that are used on the AR-15. This means that you will probably notice the MOE+ looks a little different and will not precisely match the color of the rest of your Magpul augmentations to the AR-15.

Another interesting difference is that the MOE actually sits tighter in the weapon than the MOE+. In fact, it is so tight that it may be a little difficult to remove. However, this is a good thing as the MOE+ will need to be tightened a bit when in place.

Overall, when choosing between the MOE and the MOE+, it pays to know the differences so that you can make the best informed decision about which one to choose.