Magpul Sights reviews

No Substitute

I recently bought a pair of these Magpul sights (front & back) feeling a little stupid for spending $70+ for “plastic sights.” However, upon receiving, mounting, and shooting with them, I now understand why Magpul is the most popular of these types of sights. I’m purchasing this front ar-15 sight for a second rifle (no room for the rear sight on this one, unfortunately). The construction is top-notch, every detail well-planned, and there’s nothing flimsy about them. The spring tension is muscular, and the sight snaps like a mousetrap when engaged. I can’t speak for the lower-cost “airsoft” versions of these sights, but I can say that if you’re considering a front, back, or pair of Magpuls and trying to decide if they are worth the price, you won’t be sorry once you’ve got them in-hand.

Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Front Flip Sight, Black

I bought this Magpul sight to pair up with the rear sight that came on my Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle. I had removed the front sight and installed a floating rail and railed gas block.

Please DO NOT put this sight on the gas block itself. I know it’s been said, and luckily I read a review that mentioned this little oversight. The sight itself is made from polymer, and the gas block gets quite warm after a few rounds.

The sight itself is an excellent partner to the rear sight. It clicks down positively, can be flipped up by either pressing the side latch on the left or right or by pressing down on sight itself. It comes with an adjustment tool for adjusting elevation. Windage is fixed on the rear sight.

The thing is rock solid and holds its zero. It positively clicks open and closed and doesn’t accidentally self activate. It has a low profile on the rails and co-witnesses nicely with my AimShot red dot sight.

Works as advertised

works fine, attaches easily.

Love the accompanying tool to raise/lower the sight post. SO much more comfortable than using the tip of around that I did for so many years on M16A1s/A2s.
Lacked documentation on which direction to turn to raise, the lower point of impact. had to turn several times, re-shoot zero, to understand it. (clockwise raises poi) Think of it like you’re screwing in a screw. The more clockwise you turn, the further into the [object] the screw is going to go and requires you to lift the front of the rifle a little more to match your view through the rear sight.
– yes, I recommend this product

sturdy and functional

The Magpul mbus is a fantastic flip-up sight. I ordered this gen2 FDE MBUS along with the rear sight and installed them on a sig 556 rifle. Magpul advises against putting the front sight on a rail that sits above a gas system due to heat issues, but unless you’re running something full auto, it will easily take the abuse. The sights wiggle a bit when folded down, but when you flip them up, they are rock solid and a breeze to adjust. I had no problems sighting these in at the range. They flip up very easy (push on one side of the sight) and lockdown solidly. Not only are they durable and fully functional, but they also come in a variety of colors to add that little bit of flair to your rifle. The only thing I would like is if the front sight post was draftable left/right, but I suppose I can live with this setup.

Polymer sights?! No worries!

I’m pretty sure you could beat a bull elephant to death with Magpul MBUS sights and still be able to use them. I was *shocked* how well built, tight, and sturdy these things feel. I honestly had to confirm that these were indeed polymer.

Honestly, I half expected them to be a bit flimsy and delicate, but after running them on my 3-gun Bushmaster rig, I have no worries about the robustness of these ar-15 sights.

I run PMAG mags too and have never had one fail, so I’m not sure why I thought these were going to be any less of a MAGPUL product than the mags. Suffice it to say; they are worth every penny and WAY more value than the DD aluminum sights by a long shot (no pun)!

Works for my needs.

The peep sight consists of a whole small sight for longer range and a more massive hole for closer range. I have met many people who didn’t know that the peep sight consisted of two sights that are used together. Just pull them apart, and you will have both options. Good buis to have on your rifle in case your primary optic goes down.

Great sights

Great sights if you have an SRC (Sight Ready Carbine) rifle or something else with Picatinny rails. Adjustable for windage and elevation, these are a great buis (back up sights) if you already have a holo/red dot sight or if you can’t afford one (like me). Pleased with my purchase, and this was the cheapest place I could find them all on the web. Prime shipping saved the majority of the cost of these as other websites wanted $24 shipping..? That’s crazy! Magpul is a great company, and if you ever have problems with their products, their customer service department is terrific- but I doubt you’ll have issues unless you mistreat your firearms.

Good but fat

I like the spring action and push button flip-up. I love the price. I wouldn’t say I like that it is fat when looking down the sight. I have a red tube dot attached that I use to look through and use the first post as a point of reference, but with this front sight, I could not even see past the bulk of the sights. I had to put my red dot on a riser, and even then, the thick build of this sight covers the entire lower portion of my red dot.

Other then that, it is an excellent battle-proven sight and works excellent. It’s lightweight, and even though I think it’s too full, I would repurchase it. If they ever made a slimmer version of this, it would be perfect. Till then, its getting four stars.

An excellent lightweight backs up iron sights.

These are great sights to use on an AR with a quality scope or Red Dot Sight. Especially if you are looking to keep weight down. The best Back Up Iron Sights are the Troy units, but they are 200 to 220 for front and rear. These do just fine.

I have seen comments on whether these are Magpul or are copies. What I received look like my other Magpul units and came in the same over the counter packaging as the units I’ve seen in stores, except these are 20% less in price.

Very nice, a lot of people say they don’t use it …

very nice, a lot of people say don’t use it on the front…don’t believe it, unless your firing like a madman and turning your barrel red it will be excellent, I put the matching rear site on and tried to use a Yankee hill on the front, no good, Yankee hill was way too high, tried Magpul Picatinny rail, no good, so I mounted this one on the gas block, and it worked great…yes it gets a little hot but I’m not blowing off a hundred rounds at a time, it stayed in place just fine

Magpul Gen 2 MBUS front flip sight in black

I have several Magpul items and am impressed with the quality of the products. This particular sight is being used as a backup, what it was meant for, to an EOTech 512 holographic sight on a 16″ DPMS AR carbine. I have the rear sight as well. I find the construction is, again, of quality craftsmanship. It is lightweight, sturdy, and fits well on my rifle. If you are looking for a solid, flip-up, back up polymer sight, then this is your best bet. You can’t beat the price either. I would recommend Magpul products to anyone looking for a decent amount on a great line of products. I have a Magpul stock on another of my rifles and have multiple Magpul AR magazines in addition to the MBUS front and rear sights, so I am speaking from personal, hands-on experience. I couldn’t be more pleased. Magpul RULES!!!!!!