Mesa Tactical Recoil Stock Kit, LEO Adapter Review

It is quite easy to stick to the typical shotgun stock when you are used to it and many of us eventually get a collapsible stock in its place for the sheer fun of it. MESA TACTICAL recoil stock offers more than that though.

MESA TACTICAL is a proud little company that makes good quality gear in the US. They only create products if they can improve on something that already existed. When you buy MESA TACTICAL products you know that there is something about it that makes it better than the typical choice of the average shotgun operator.

Law Enforcement are known to use MESA TACTICAL products, because they simply are so reliable and tough items. You can be certain that if you buy something from MESA TACTICAL that it will be strongly built.

Using the Mesa Tactical LEO Telescoping Recoil Stock adapter and the recoil stock kit, you will immediately recognize how amazing the vertical grip adapter is in the kit. The Hogue mold pistol grip is just awesome for stability and comfort. The Enidine buffer tube replacement with the four position collapsible stock is certainly great to enjoy as well. Even if you don’t like grips with finger grooves you will soon realize that the Hogue grip is very comfortable for just about anyone.

It is a hard thing to keep a shotgun under control, especially when you fire consecutive shots. With the MESA TACTICAL recoil stock kit this job becomes an easier one. You can keep on target easier, endure the recoil with a solid cheek weld and keep the muzzle of your shotgun from jumping up during consecutive shots. Even if you are a sturdy person and well in control of your shotgun, the MESA recoil stock kit will make your operating your shotgun a much more pleasant and easy job.

The installation is quite simple as well. With three screws you get the pad and stock off and you remove the one with the adapter tightened on it. The pistol grip adapt easily like an AR grip would. One screw into the handle and you can place the buffer tube on. Pretty simple!

You might be pleased with your typical shotgun stock, but if you wish to diminish recoil or improve your grip on your weapon, then MESA TACTICAL can certainly aid you with its amazing recoil stock kit. It is simply a much easier matter to handle your shotgun correctly when you have a stock that will aid you with manipulation, stability and recoil.