Nikon P-Series Mount Review

The number of rings and mounting equipment available over the years has fluctuated as products failed and vanished from the market. One company that has remained consistent during that time is Nikon, as they have been able to deliver a great line-up of mounts and excellent customer service. That line-up just got a little more impressive with the introduction of the Nikon P-Series mount.

The mount offers a 2-piece design that allows the mount to come in at the proper height and fore-aft positioning. That helps deliver perfect shooting technique and considerable eye relief.


There are numerous enhancements to be found in the Nikon P-Series, including the following features:

  • Reversible 2-piece design and compact scopes;
  • Can be used with flattop Picatinny rails;
  • Correct mounting height;
  • Improved ocular functionality courtesy of fore-aft positioning.


A big part of the allure of the Nikon P-Series mount, besides the aforementioned features, is its affordability. There are a lot of things to like about this scope mount, and here are just a few of the positives:

  • Its height makes it compatible with AR platform rifles;
  • Easier to hold zero due to the solidity of the mount;
  • Tight lock up delivers a steadier hold;
  • Installation is easy, making it a good option for beginners;
  • Lightweight and carbine compatible.


As is the case with any piece of equipment, there are some things that consumers do not like. In the case of the Nikon P-Series mount, most of the complaints are reserved for service and shipping issues as opposed to performance problems. The most common design and functionality complaints are as follows:

  • Less than perfect metal finish;
  • Slide-on nature of the mount raises some compatibility issues.


The Nikon P-Series mount is a very good option for those looking for something reliable to add to their accessories list. The positive reviews of the scope mount far outweigh the negative, to the point that the bad ones may very well just be looked at as isolated incidents. This is especially true when you consider that the quality of the product is seldom called into question. The biggest design issues are the lightweight metal finish, durability concerns, and compatibility complaints. Those really aren’t enough, though, for this mount not to be recommended as a solid purchase.