SKS Accessories & Stocks

The SKS is one of the rifles that are still favored by the militaries. Though some rifles has replaced its place being the top favorite, it still remains to be one of the most common rifles that are used by militaries as it is big and powerful enough to be used in hunting, target shooting and even for defense.

SKS accessories abound the market. These are used for upgrading, for parts replacement and also for maintenance. Some of the most common SKS accessories are the slings, scope, the SKS stocks, magazines, and the mounts. The purchase and maintenance of these can dictate the span of the rifle in its full function and capacity. An SKS should be cleaned regularly with proper cleaning materials and tools. The right ammo should also be bought to avoid corrosion.


The right materials and tools, which should be used for SKS rifles, are lube oil, cleaning solvent, cleaning patches, chamber brush and rifle bore cleaner. These usually come in cleaning kits, which are also among the array of SKS accessories in shops.

SKS Stocks

SKS stocks are usually replaced mainly for the purpose of comfort. The built in SKS stocks on the rifle can be short for some people and can create discomfort when handles or shouldered. In addition, the built in SKS stocks are made of wood and some owners find the need to replace it with other stocks available in the market, which are made from different materials such as rubber.

In choosing among SKS stocks, it is important to buy one that has a good grip, which can provide better handling for the firearm.

SKS Accessories

These accessories need be maintained regularly through cleaning. Shops offer cleaning kits that are appropriate to be used in the materials comprising the components of the gun.

One common add-on by gun owners is the butt pad. This alleviates the discomfort experienced while holding the gun. Other SKS accessories commonly installed are the mounts where scopes are put, flashlights, slings for better handling, and magazines that would satisfy the purpose of the gun, whether it would be for self-defense or for hunting. Some also adds pistol grips, which cannot be found in the purchased SKS.

The built-in SKS itself can be considered an average rifle. It does well on almost anything—target shooting, defense or hunting but then its performance is not enough to be lauded by expert shooters. Its features are enough for it to be a decent and a non-assault rifle. Probably the biggest appeal of this rifle is its price. Some are even sold around $300 though it may need some upgrading when it comes to other parts. The usual SKS is built in with a bayonet and the usual wooden stock. Some gun owners may find a need to remove or replace these, which could be easily done as SKS accessories abound the market. One can add non-existent parts to increase efficiency and can opt for accessories of different materials not only for its functions, but also to customize the rifle for its main purpose as well as aesthetics.