Tapco Intrafuse Stock for the Ruger 10/22

If your Ruger 10/22 needs to be updated, you might want to consider the new Tapco Intrafuse Stock system which will help modernize your weapon. The new stock is clean, lightweight, and strong and offers a way to make your older weapon look new and modern again. Many consumers have stated that Tapco stock systems have proven to be ideal for transforming their older rifles into something that looks like it could have been a recent purchase.

This particular system offers the vaunted Tapco Intrafuse stock which is adjustable and provides user with a simple solution that can be easily installed. It is not surprising that this particular product has acquired a large fan base thanks to its many different features. Some of which include the adjustable 6-position T6 stock with extended butt, the pistol grip and the upper hand guard rail that makes the weapon easier to use, more comfortable and adds flexibility as well.

Created in the US, the Tapco Intrafuse stock uses military grade materials and is well priced so that those of modest incomes can purchase it. The overall strength of the stock is enhanced by the glass filled nylon which is one of the strongest composite materials available for weapons. This material also helps the durability and longevity of the stock as well. For the Ruger 10/22, there are very few stocks that feature this type of overall quality and durability.


There is very little effort required when installing the Tapco Intrafuse stock as it will simply drop in when using the right tools and effort. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to do from removing your old stock and putting this one on. With basic tools, you can complete the installation process fairly easily and you can even download the instructions from Intrafuse, though it is so simple that you may not need them.

Because of the overall design of the Tapco Intrafuse, there is little to no need for any modifications during the installation process. Whatever might be needed is usually quite small and can be done quickly.

Customizing the New Stock

The advantages of the Tapco Intrafuse, particularly when it comes to style, comfort and durability, make it perfect for the Ruger 10/22. There is even an optional blade bayonet as well which adds even more versatility to the stock. When the new stock is installed, the bayonet will fit and collapse just as it normally would with the older stock. The bayonet that is added must be of average size in order to it to work, but you can measure the distance just in case if you want to use a longer type of bayonet.

The SAW-quality pistol grip featured on the stock adds to the overall comfort level for the shooter as well as the control of the rifle itself. Crafted from polymer materials, the grip is ergonomic and allows for overall greater comfort when firing the weapon. It helps that the slant of the grip will add more security in handling the weapon. There is even additional storage space inside the grip that can be utilized as well as space on the guard rail itself which may hold LED lights, lasers, optics and more. You can also use a lower version of the rail that allows for the addition of a vertical grip or even a bipod for the weapon.

The Aesthetics of the Tapco Intrafuse Stock

The primary reason for this stock is to make it appear like a modern rifle while being lightweight and easy to use. It does blend in with the rifle itself that is very modern in appearance and is also sleek as well. The modern use of materials as well as the color scheme really provides a potent look to the rifle once it has been attached.

Add to this the customizable segments that can be used with the stock along with the slanted grip and rifle owners can actually modify the look of their weapon to suit their needs. Basically, you can add quite a bit or just a little to make the Ruger 10/22 look new and fantastic.

Another feature is that the Tapco Intrafuse stock is relatively inexpensive as well, making it a great addition to the Ruger 10/22. By taking an old style rifle and modernizing it with a new stock, it creates a pleasing look that not only takes away years from the appearance, but actually adds years to the longevity of the weapon itself at least in terms of the new stock.

The Advantages of the Tapco Intrafuse Stock

There are a number of advantages that this particular stock will bring to your Ruger 10/22 rifle, starting with the fact that it makes it considerably lighter and easier to handle. Considering all the new materials involved, this is a significant step forward for this type of stock.

Better Control: The lightweight design of the stock not only makes holding the rifle more comfortable. The underhand grip of the product also provides a better center of gravity as well for additional control. This helps you shoot the rifle more accurately.

Two Sling Positions: This system provides more convenience for shooters as they better utilize their add-on features. In addition, some have commented that this addition actually improves the overall length of the rifle to what it should be. When adding a sling, you can carry the rifle for long periods of time without issue. Perfect for hunting or target shooting, this is a great addition to the Ruger 10/22.

Overall, the additions to the Ruger 10/22 that the Tapco Intrafuse stock provides are considerable in both in terms of the aesthetic and practical features. It is easy to install, works well with the rifle and provides both aesthetic and practical advantages. Considering the materials it is made from, the stock should last for many years of normal use.

For those who are looking to modernize their rifle with a lightweight, durable and modern-looking stock the Tapco Intrafuse is certainly the answer.