Accushot bt12-qk reviews

Picatinny monopod

Accushot bt12-qk is great to stabilize the rifle, and I would recommend this if the price is not an issue. Its pretty simple to learn how to operate and with a little of practice it should become 2nd nature to manipulate with your support hand

Great product, one of a kind – great value, mission, range, duty enhancer

At first glance, this seems a bit expensive and questionably necessary – point of fact – it is a GREAT buy and extremely helpful.

WHY? The quality, machining, materials of the Monopod are top-notch. Not one portion of this thing has a blur, sharp edge, or place that will become annoying or bothersome when shooting.

The ease of adjustment is logical, ergonomic, can be done without looking and within seconds.

I mounted on a Ruger RPR stock shoulder stock and also on an AR-10/Luth share paired with a Harris SBRM and the BT-12 model paired well. Recommend the average-sized BT-12 to be paired with a 6-9″ bipod unless you have a strange thing going on. Believe the others would be too high for that combo.

Also, as far as looks go, this is quite aesthetically pleasing on modern-day sporting rifles and does not look funky as I thought it would. It collapses and looks seamlessly integrated on a Ruger stock as well as a Luth.

Buy once, cry once, dont’ think you will find a negative review on this accushot monopod, highly recommend.

A great Monopod

I bought this for my 18″ AR10 and couldn’t be happier. Easy to install and, when paired with a good bipod, provides a stable stabilized platform. I took no time to connect with no slop or rattles. Gross adjustments can be made quickly, and subtle changes can be made using the threaded extension. The only issue is it’s a little pricey. The quality piece overall.

Accu-shot Monopod

An excellent product will recommend Installed it on a Ruger Precision rifle fit was very good very happy with the product Perfect for shooting off of bench rest have not tried it in the field yet I think it will perform very well

Precision Rail Mount Monopod

Overpriced and honestly not practical in the field. Works well for what it is, though put a small sandbag or your hand can do what this $90 plus Monopod does. I would look for cheaper options unless you are a precision shooter.

I purchased this to use …

I purchased this to use on a JAE stock. The stock has not arrived as of yet, so I have not had a chance to use this rail-mounted Monopod. But, I do have an Accu-Shot BT01-QK Standard Quick Knob Precision Monopod 3.5″ to 4.65 mounted on a custom 10/22, and it is excellent. Same Monopod, just a different mount. This Monopod is excellent for quick or unique adjustments…a must-have. I will purchase it again and highly recommend it to all.

This is fantastic …

This is a fantastic product. It is very sturdy, very well built, and functions like a dream. For any precision shooter who shoots a lot from prone, it is a must-have. It deploys quickly when you need it and folds away when you don’t. It adjusts quickly and can be held in the weak hand when prone to change your aim. It also prevents you from having to carry around a rear bag or a sand sock. The only downside is that it is a little heavy, but on a precision rifle, everything is heavy. I have 3 of these and will get more as I get more guns.

Outstanding picatinny monopod for ruger precision rifle

Using PRS Monopod with a PRS Stock – very easy to deploy and use. Adjusts quickly and is very stable. Lighter than a rear bag and much easier to pack.

Good picatinny rail monopod

I use this with a Magpul PRS stock on my homebrew 6.5 Grendel AR. I like the folding aspect, but it doesn’t seem to be as stable as I would like. I often revert to a squeeze bag instead of using the Monopod.