Atlas Bipod, Adaptable and Lightweight – An evaluation

Precise target engagement at longer ranges is easier said than done. As many who have had the opportunity to spend quality time acquiring and engaging long range targets would accept, the one thing that can and will aid in long range accuracy is a rifle bipod which is of the finest quality.  The market is filled to the brim with an array of bipods that assure superior target engagement but when it comes to delivering on the promises made, the Atlas Bipod is ahead in the race by miles. Superior engineering, straightforward approach, durability, adaptability and light weight design are some of its many advantages.

The Atlas Bipod – Components and Elements

The Atlas bipod has been manufactured and marketed since 2010 by B&T Enterprises LLC.  Many of the components and elements of the bipod are unique and patented.  Some of its characteristic features include:

  • Multi-Positioning Legs: The bipod legs have a multiple positioning potential. The legs are capable of independent movement with a capacity to deploy at various angles and positions. The multiple stances include an angle of 45o in the forward or backward position, the standard 90o position, and locking into 5 different positions through an 180o arc facing the front or back.
  • Pan and Cant: Another interesting feature is the capability of the bipod to pan and cant. The Atlas Bipod offers about 30 degrees left to right pan and another 30 degrees of cant, to the shooters. During panning or canting, the regulation knob provides tension from moveable to locked position.  When the position of tension is at its lowest, the rifle can be moved but the tension is still strong enough to maintain the position till the shot is complete.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The Atlas Bipod provides immense adaptability and flexibility to operate in various challenging conditions and a variety of tricky and unfavorable positions. Elevation can be adjusted from 4.75” to 9” by making use of the multiple leg and leg extension positions. By pulling down the bearing detent leg collars, adjustments can be made through the 5 leg locking points in a speedy and simple manner. If your need calls for longer legs, you can go for the 3” extensions.
  • Build: The Bipod is made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Weight: The Atlas Bipod is quite light in weight at about 12.7 ounces together with the Picatinny rail.
  • Use: The atlas Bipod can be used on an array of rifles from ARs, Varmint and Sporter to other long range varieties.

The Bipod might be a little on the expensive side but for those looking for a high quality engineering product that lasts long, delivers great flexibility and adaptability to various conditions and offers superior target engagement capabilities, the Atlas Bipod is one fine choice.