Aimpoint Pro for Sale

Back in 2011, Aimpoint came out with a brand new weapon sight system to market to their law enforcement customers. Named the Patrol Rifle Optic, the new sight expands on the organization’s already proven designs and concentrates on these attributes in a no-frills optics. The Aimpoint PRO comes in the kit that’s ready for deployment on a law enforcement officers weapon. Given that it’s available to the civilian marketplace, it makes for a great do all, red dot sight for any shooter wanting to outfit their carbine, shotgun, or sub-weapon. For shooters which are wanting to get themselves a red dot optics, I’d need to say this is most likely the best bang for the buck this year.

Prices from popular on line retailers, like SportOptics, generally place the optic somewhere in the $400 range of prices with free shipping. Characteristics which make this optic a great purchase for any shooter include: &bull, Always ready – always on The PRO boasts a three-year battery life allowing the shooter to leave the mind turned on to ensure it’s always ready. You don’t have to fumble with buttons when something is spinning in the night. No need for a patrolman to need to remember to flip his sight on before he deploys his weapon. Always ready, always on.

2 minute of angle red dot gives the shooter an exact aiming point for accurate target participation in any way distances. In most situations, there is a threat won’t present a complete frontal, the target for us to aim at. A threat is attempting to shoot from behind cover as you’re, therefore having a little aiming stage ensures us that we may engage a little target like an extremity hanging from a door jam. Add the space of a large high school hallway, or the large open space of a warehouse and you may imagine how a big point would make life difficult.

the Threaded front lens for adding Anti Reflective Devise if the mission dictates you require this, or for the cool tactic men that just needs to look hard core. &bull, Recessed goal lens helps prevent impact harm, fingerprints, and scratches. &bull, Front and rear reverse covers are included with the view to keep the lenses clean. &bull, Transparent rear flip cover that allows utilization of the sight in an emergency, even when the front cover is closed. If you’re shooting with both eyes open, you can deploy the view with front lens cap down. &bull, QRP bracket comprises a torque-limiting twist knob that provides the right degree of pressure on the rail while eliminating the chance of over tightening.

The bracket clicks when the torque level is achieved. It is grunt evidence, mounting system. &bull, Removable spacer that allows the sight to be used on a shotgun as well as sub machine guns. &bull, Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing that is exceptionally hardy.

The PRO is suitable for all generations of night vision devices and may be used with Aimpoint 3x magnifier. It’s also water-proof down to 15o feet for all those heavy puddles LEO can experience. Initial impressions of the PRO are that it is a complete shooting bundle. Opening the box, the PRO is ready to be mounted into an AR style rifle. The range already has the QRP bracket on it with the spacer installed. The caps are already on the extent. Each of the shooters has to do is set the battery on the device, mount it up plus they’re ready to shoot.

Mounting is quite simple since the bracket comes pre-installed on the range. Take the PRO from box and put it on the rifle. Push forward on the mind making certain that the recoil lug is making contact with the railroad system. We tighten the thumb screw without small paws till the thumbscrew clicks. Once he clicks, we know that the bracket has attained the correct tension. Pretty grunt proof. We bore sight the mind so that we know we’ll be on paper once we come to the range. Click adjustments are 1/2&Prime, at 100 meters. I did that a 100 yard zero.

Now for the fun stuff&hellip,&hellip. A tiny range T&E: The two MOA point is very good. I was able to zero in 100 yards very easily. The level of the Light-emitting diode is adjustable from one extreme to the other. I’d no problem seeing it throughout the day in the range or running around my property. The first three click are night vision configurations.

Running nine hole exercises, I found that the PRO is quite easy to shoot from alternative shooting positions. Possessing no parallax from the optic way that where I put the point is where I’m going to hit, I do not need to have my head a certain distance for the scope. Being in a position to fire the optic and set up the weapon efficiently with the caps closed is fairly neat. I can see how useful this feature will be in some specific instances: a patrolman exiting his car in the heat of the moment does not need to instantly flip the caps up to set up the weapon.

If something goes bump in the night and I grab my carbine, you would not need to flip the caps upward. For some reason, I seem like I need to address the issue that individuals find with the tube design, red dot sights. Utilizing the view with both eyes open and superimposing the point on the target versus attempting to use the dot as an aiming point is how an optic is meant to be used. When used properly, I’d have no issue with accuracy, significance between 0-100 yards and that I was able to put rounds on target consistently.

With regards to precision, I was able consistently to hold between 1-1.5 moa when shooting from a supported position. In a nut shell, the PRO is a great buy for any shooter. It is rugged, dependable, and is ready to deploy out from the box. If you’re looking at scoping out your AR platform with a red dot optics, this is a great path to go.