Mesa Tactical Urbino tactical stock system for the Remington 870

When there are plenty of aftermarket Shotgun stocks for a protective shotgun there, most address a particularly perceived lack of shotgun. Folding or adjustable stocks help with storage or adjustment, some add a pistol grip for better control and others add additional padding for recoil administration. Mesa Tactical’s Urbino tactical stock system brings modularity to the defensive shotgun in a simple, easy-to-setup manner. There is a company pistol grip to address the control aspect, there are lots of sling attachment points, optional spacers permit length-of-pull to be tailored to the individual shooter, additional buttpads may be attached for recoil mitigation, and there is an optional cheekpiece for much better sighting and detail work.

The Urbino series can be obtained for several popular defensive shotguns like the Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Benelli M1 and the Beretta 1301. Shotshell carriers may be attached directly to the stock, and perhaps best of all, the stocks have been made to be drop-in, no gunsmithing required. All Mesa Tactical stocks are made in the U.S. And come with a lifetime guarantee. MSRP: $125 for the Remington 870 stock shown, another pricing is dependent on shotgun and accessories.