Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17 Review

Independent on what your shooting needs will be, you’ll never exhaust the Atlas line of luxury bipods. Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17 is another bipod through the same company that we found to possess impressive you continuously look for in a bipod.

Given that it’s been made through the same company which has manufacturer the other bipods we have reviewed previously, you anticipate this bipod to get comparable features ad design to the others.

And true to your anticipation, the bipod doesn’t differ considerably from the others. It’s the right level of flexibility, adjustable legs which move independently, it’s lightweight and quite strong/durable.

Let’s look at the features and functionality of this bipod.

Characteristics and advantages of Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17:
Constructed from T6061 Aluminum

The bipod has a tasteful and attractive design. This has been made possible by the aircraft-grade aluminum (T6061) material used in its construction. This offers the bipod the required strength to support the burden of your firearm, no matter it is.

It also serves to give you a suitable equilibrium from which you can conduct long-range shooting. And do it precisely too.
Cant and Pan

Yes, this feature is also available in Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17. It encases how you can turn your gun when it’s resting on the firearm. The two attributes cater to the natural left and right movements, leveling.

They make the bipod lie should you’re working on a bubble level for long range shooting.
Notched Legs

The bottoms of this bipod are notched in such a certain way in which you can shorten them expand them within a wide array of 4.75-9 inches. You can as well deploy these legs in 45 degrees and lock them into five positions.

This may be either forward or backward movement through an arc of 180 degrees.

Push and lock buttons allow you to lock and extend the legs into position correspondingly are also present.

Atlas Bipod enjoys a score of 5/5 plus loads of positive feedbacks from satisfied users on Amazon.

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Final Verdict

From the various Atlas bipods we have reviewed, it’s crystal clear which B&T has the distinctive lie of bipods concerning features and functionalities. Every one of these attributes is geared towards giving you rock-solid support, stability, and accuracy you want to make the best shorts in your life.

Which atlas bipods do you feel it’ll meet your needs?

Pick a bipod that fulfills your spending budget and meets your shooting needs and start your shooting on a new level today.

ACCU-SHOT ATLAS Bipod remains our best and also the very bipod for all of your shooting needs.