Atlas BT10LW17 Bipod Review


  • Adjustable legs Allow you to shoot for terraces
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant, top-quality design
  • Panning ad can’t add versatility to the apparatus
  • Quick attach and detach capabilities
  • Mounts immediately on all rails


  • Expensive


Also, made from the USA, Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17 can only be defined as postmodern bipod with regards to design and quality. The bipod is sturdy enough to support the weight of any firearm you mount it to.

This atlas bipod is significantly more flexible, stronger, and super mild when compared with other bipods in the market. A more different characteristic this bipod shares with all our best atlas bipod up there’s the capability to immediately attach and detach from all of the Picatinny gun forends.

Characteristics and advantages of Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17:
Excellent, Post-Modern Design

Atlas Bipod BT10-LW17 comes along with such a design that no other bipod from the market may take its place. You’d only expect such a plan from airplane parts and nothing else.

The standard of any firearm this bipod is mounted to pales in comparison to the bipod’s quality and refined design.

It’s time to add some sense of style to your hunting bag by adding an intriguing piece of technology to the kit.
BT10-LW17 Atlas Bipod is Durable and Strong

The bipod is made from machined steel and airplane grade aluminum. The two materials pair up to give your bipod the maximum amount of power. Which implies that the bipod will hold your gun irrespective of its weight.

It’ll give you the degree of stability you’ve missed a long time.

Despite being made from solid materials, this bipod only weighs 12.7 oz along with the Picatinny mount. Which implies that the bipod won’t add much weight to the front part of your gun.

Also, it doesn’t make your shooting bag bulky.
Adjustable Legs

The bipod too has adjustable bottoms of a range. The legs may be set up at 45 degrees increments and locked into five positions, either forwards or backward via a 180 degrees arc.

With the aid of the push button on the legs, then you can move them independently to the desired positions. Another lock button allows you to lock the pin into place.
Panning and cant Functionalities are Also Available.

The functionality of can’t and panning in this bipod is comparable to that among the best Atlas Bipod out there. BT10-LW17 Atlas Bipod supports a 30 total levels left to the right pan and 30 complete degrees cannot.